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Corruption Analysis

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This paper is a brief look into the belief that corruption is a Western concept that has no meaning to a society that bases trade of goods and services as rewards for deeds. This paper will look at some of the views of corruption both in Western society as well as cultures and societies where the exchange of goods and services as payment for other deeds is viewed as an everyday part of life. First corruption should be defined; Transparency International defines corruption as “the abuse of entrusted power for private gain.

” (TI) Transparency International further breaks down corruption into two types.

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Corruption Analysis
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These types are based on whether the bribe is for services that someone is required to provide or they are services that are prohibited from providing. In reference to the assigned statements, the author disagrees with the statement that corruption is only a Western concept. Corruption is not only a Western concept but rather a global concept. There are many other countries that are corrupt and this is a part of their everyday life.

In the United States we have corruption but because we are the United States everyone takes the smallest news and makes it a headline.

In countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and Somalia, they have to worry about corruption within the government on a daily basis. These countries do not have a stable formal government and this is due in part to people taking money or other bribes in order to corrupt the government. Other countries have corruption issues but unlike America it is often times expected in these countries where as in America it is frowned upon.


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