Cosmetic Surgery - Part 3

Have you ever wanted something really bad? - Cosmetic Surgery introduction?? Like a pair of shoes, a new phone, or what about a new nose? Well Cosmetic surgery is not new, but the popularity of it has rapidly increased in the last few years. Not only adults but also teenagers want to do the cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery before the age of eighteen is becoming increasingly more and more popular, and nobody can’t stop it. Many factors are influencing the thoughts of young people for doing cosmetic surgery such as their appearance. Many doctors believe that cosmetic surgery is a science to increase the beauty of a person.

It is the process where they give finishing touches to the body parts for a physical defects, bad self-esteem, and surgery for men. A. Another advantage of plastic surgery is the ability to correct physical defects. These patients may have physical defects that have resulted from an accident such as a scar from a car crash or house fires. B. Some people are born with physical defects that have scared them since birth and cosmetic surgery can finally give them a normal life. A. The emotional benefits of cosmetic surgery can many times be greater than physical rewards.

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If you have felt bad about the way you look, due to a flaw such as a nose that you feel is too large or maybe you feel a light overweight, plastic surgery can make you feel better about yourself. It can increase pride of yourself and can be a good solution for feeling emotional depressed. B. There are many health and quality of life benefits that may allow the benefits of plastic surgery. For instance, a patient who has lived with an obvious visible disfigurement, cosmetic surgery can make that person feel free again and can face a world.

This can be a tremendous life-changing event. A. Cosmetic surgery isn’t just for woman, it also for men. Men, want to do it to make then more handsome or to make them stronger. Yes, you could get surgery to have abs or biceps. B. “Men want to look younger so they are doing all that they can to try and reverse the aging process. They’ve discovered there are acceptable alternatives that they no longer have to be secretive about,” says Dr. Felmont Eaves A. How young is too young exactly? According to the New York Times, “even

when surgery is clearly justifiable, there are issues of physical readiness. ” From breasts to noses, certain body parts are still developing, indicating that having plastic surgery too soon can be a mistake. While some people believes that there should not be an age limit for getting surgeries like otoplasty, (a type of surgery that repines your ears, one of the most painful surgery’s to be done) for other procedure such as breast augmentation, “there should absolutely be an age limit of at least 17 to 18 years old.

” This is because girls need to “let their bodies fully mature and they would not be able to see the end result if they got the surgery. ” Age limit or no age limit, plastic surgery for young girls is a sensitive and questionable topic. B. Have you ever gotten and adrenalin rush? Well that how most patients feel before any cosmetic surgery. Going under the knife is like going under a lot of presser. You never know what could happen to you. The resulted could be something terrifying.

Honestly, there really shouldn’t be an age requirement with cosmetic surgery. If that’s what that family wants to do, then let them do it. It doesn’t matter whether they proceed with the cosmetic surgery or not, it’s not like it affects your life one way or another. Those families (that has allowed their teenager get cosmetic surgery) don’t tell what you could and could not do. So why are you trying to tell them what they could or could not do?

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