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“Psychmovies” Movie Assignment: “Antwone Fisher” For this movie assignment I decided to watch the movie “Antwone Fisher” - Counseling Movie Paper introduction. The movie is based on a true story about how Antwone, a young navy man, was forced to see a psychiatrist due to a fight he had with a crewmember. During the course of his treatment many things are discovered about his past. The psychiatrist named Jerome Davenport, a commander played by Denzel Washington, began the sessions by having a stern, but understanding appearance.

Using his rank, his looks and his words, he portrays many different roles. During the first session, the atmosphere is a little tense and awkward. They both knew that he [Antwone] did not want to be there and was only there because he was forced to go. After a small amount of silence, Dr. Davenport [Denzel Washington] asked a simple question that Antwone did not want to answer. He mentions to him that he makes his evaluation after 3 sessions. Resistance begins after this and continues for several sessions.

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Because the psychiatrist was trying to give an evaluation of Antwone, this movie gave an example of a counselor’s assessment rather than simply finding a diagnosis. On a side note, Dr. Davenport, as a psychiatrist on a navy base, would be used to this type of resistance, but watching him sit around patiently waiting for Antwone to say something was surprising for me. I would have expected him to take his not talking for the first 3 sessions as part of his evaluation and just send him on his way. Instead Dr.

Davenport patiently waits, reads, eats, and watches until Antwone finally slips up by clearing his throat, which strikes up a conversation. During the first official session, Dr. Davenport waits for him to speak, as if taking on a person-centered approach and waiting for him to share. Antwone feels uncomfortable and asks if he [Davenport] is supposed to ask him questions. The response to this was not what I expected. I thought Dr. Davenport might come out with how he normally does his sessions, a schedule of things, or even a comment about some sort of structure of his therapeutic technique.

Instead he responded with, “Is that what you want? I can do that if you want. ” Based on how many sessions were needed for an evaluation, this was a purely action oriented approach. As the 3 sessions began getting closer to an end, the relationship began to blossom into a more open sharing, and trusting relationship between the client and the counselor. I think this had a lot to do with how intently Dr. Davenport was listening, and how understanding he was towards the whole situation. For example, at one point, Dr.

Davenport even mentioned to Antwone that he could delay his next appointment if he wants to continue talking. This small action has a huge impact on a person, especially Antwone. Once the 3 sessions were finished and Antwone was able to move on without being forced to see a psychiatrist. Dr. Davenport let Antwone know that if he wanted to, he could continue to see him out of his own free will. This would mean that the originally action-oriented counselor became an insight oriented one.

By trying to go further rather than finishing the initial problem, a shift between the two occurred. Judging from the look Antwone gave the doctor, and by his feelings about the sessions initially, I assumed he would just move on, get into another fight, and maybe be forced to go again, or even just be discharged. I was surprised when he decided to go back. After he went back to see Dr. Davenport, the relationship grew even stronger, to the point that Antwone felt the urge to visit Dr. Davenport at his home, and even have Thanksgiving Dinner with him and his family.

The relationship between both client and counselor went over the line, and turned into more of a friendship. Even though the relationship grew, there was still the known factor that he is still this man’s counselor. Having said that, Dr. Davenport decided not only to tell him what he needs to do to move on with his life, but to also terminate their sessions. Eventually, he listened to Dr. Davenport, did what he needed to do and moved on. Antwone was able to lead a happy and normal life, while gaining a new friend and a family through his sessions with Dr. Davenport.

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