Countdown to PulpFest 2010 Essay

PulpFest 2010 is just four short weeks away – the event runs from Friday July 30 through Sunday August 1 - Countdown to PulpFest 2010 Essay introduction.  So if you are on the fence about attending, hop off and make your reservations today. With guest of Honor Willem F. Nolan, a sold out Dealers Room chock full of Weird Tales and hundreds of other pulp titles and a full slate of pulp related panels and activities, it is one convention you don’t want to miss.

Also, voting is complete for the 2010 Munsey Award and the winner has been chosen.  The winner will be announced on Saturday evening and frequent TGR contributor and nominee Don Herron will be on hand to see if he is the lucky recipient.  For those of you have not met Don, this would be a good chance to see him in person. Be sure and bring your copies of any of Don’s books and he’ll be more than happy to autograph them for you. Don will be hanging out with old friends and the usual group of Howard Heads that reside in the northeast and frequently attend. He will be easy to spot in his trademark fedora and trench coat.

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Countdown to PulpFest 2010
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There is no doubt about it, if you can make it there, PulpFest 2010 will be the place to be the end of this month.

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