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Courage in Faith

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From Mark’s Gospel, there is an account of Jesus Christ’s death. From this death, it is shown by Mark how Jesus gave His life for his followers. Jesus knows and predicts the future, but why does He not do anything about it? He believes that he must suffer for the good of His followers. When Jesus went before Pilate, He gave no answer to his questions (Mark 15:1- 15:5). At this, Pilate was amazed. He knew that Jesus could have saved Himself from crucifixion if He had just said something or denied Himself as “King of the Jews”(15:2).

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Courage in Faith
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The redaction of this passage of Jesus coming before Pilate is clear. Mark chose to format the passage (and entire Passion) to illustrate how Jesus suffered for his followers. Jesus chose not to reply to Pilate when he is basically asking for a reason to set Him free. Historically, Mark wrote his Gospel to the Christians in Rome that were being persecuted for their religion.

Thus, he writes to deepen the faith of the followers of Jesus. He then shows Jesus in the Passion as being very courageous. First, Mark makes his readers aware that Jesus knows what is to come in the future by predicting obscure and accurate things. Then, Mark tells how Jesus was silent when He most likely could have been freed. This courage in the face of persecution is much like the type that his readers were facing in Rome.

As the Gospel reads, Jesus held strong and was persecuted and crucified on a cross. He made for an example like no other. He provided a strength for Christian followers throughout the world through Mark’s Gospel. It was now easier for them to face the problems of such things as being “beaten in synagogues,” “arraigned before governors and kings,” and being “hated because of my name” (13:9-13:13). After warning His disciples of these risks, Jesus speaks of having the strength of the Holy Spirit with them. This was also emphasized by Mark to show his readers how their faith in the Lord and Jesus will give them a sort of holy strength and the power to overcome their persecutors. They can now arrive at a feeling of security in the Lord and the Holy Spirit.

It is clear historically why Mark wrote his Gospel the way he did. He needed to send a message out to his readers in a fast and to the point way. He also needed to include the all the reasons why Christians would not be afraid to worship. The result is the Gospel with a conclusion of the Passion where Jesus gives the important message to his disciples that they must not be afraid to worship. “The one who perseveres to the end will be saved”(13:13).

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