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Court Mandated Birth Control!

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    Women that have lost their parental rights due to substance abuse/physical abuse/neglect/etc some are continuing to conceive and neglect/abuse their children; finding themselves again and again fighting the court system to keep their children. Tax payers have been supporting these families long enough, when does the state/government say enough is enough and file a motion for court ordered birth control. Other states have court ordered pharmaceutical birth control or tubal ligation/IUD (5-10 year contraceptive) under certain circumstances, Michigan and several other states says it’s unconstitutional.

    I am appalled at the fact that this country would put up with this. These children are our future and to continue this way is just telling children that there pain and suffering doesn’t matter, as long as there drug addicted/neglectful parents are expressing there constitutional rights. What about the rights of the children, doesn’t there rights matter. I want to know what the sample population believes; should there or shouldn’t there be court ordered birth control? Review of Literature ww. ca8. uscourts. gov/opndir/01/06/003223P. pdf United States Court of Appeals – District Court for the Western District of Missouri Plaintiffs- Margaret Vaughn and Kevin Vaughn Defendant – Sutton Ruoff This was a case involving a mildly retarded woman (Margaret) that was coerced by her caseworker (Sutton) to get her tubes tied, if Margaret got her “tubes tied, she would have her kids back in two to three weeks”. Soon after getting her tubes tied her parental rights were terminated.

    Numerous cases show that minimum procedures regularly precede state compelled sterilizations, and some clearly establish that pre-sterilization procedures are constitutionally required. In this case the sterilization was justified. It’s true that involuntary sterilization is not always unconstitutional if it is a narrowly tailored means to achieve a compelling government interest. But in this case since the woman was coerced it was found unconstitutional. www. leg. wa. gov/documents/billdocs/2005-06/Pdf/Bills/House%20Bills/2095. pdf House Bill 2095

    State of Washington – 59th Legislature – 2005 Regular Session By Representatives Roach, Serben, Holmquist and McCune Effective Date July 1, 2005 – Adding new sections to chapter 13. 34 RCW New Sections 3: If mother receives another report of substance abuse under Sec. 2, department will investigate, if substance abuse is apparent a petition will be filed requesting the mother to abstain from said substance abuse, to submit random testing, to attend treatment programs and counseling, and to submit to the involuntary use of tubal ligation.

    If a mother abstains from said substance abuse, and attend alcohol/drug dependency treatment programs and counseling, the department shall request the court to defer to entry of any order requiring the mother to submit to the involuntary use of pharmaceutical birth control or tubal ligation for as long as the mother continues to comply (New Section 4:) for at least thirty-six consecutive months. www. michigan. gov/documents/DHS-HIV-AIDS-Manual_126878_7. pdf User Friendly Manual:

    A guide and resource directory for people living with HIV/AIDS June 2005 – Published by Wayne State University – Shiffman Medical Library Detroit Community AIDS Library – Supported by Ryan White CARE Act Title I Detroit Department of Health and Wellness Promotion, HIV/AIDS Programs This website contains all the birth control options available to an individual (page 30 & 31), to include: Intrauterine Device (IUD) contraceptives – Continuous protection against pregnancy for 5-10 years, reversible, nothing to remember and 98-99. % reliability; vasectomy or tubal ligation permanent protection against pregnancy, nothing to remember and 99. 5-99. 9% reliability. Hypothesis I hypothesize that more females than males of my sample population will choose court ordered birth control verses no court ordered birth control and few will choose don’t know. Methodology I’ll go about collecting my data in the form of a survey. All answers will be given on an anonymous basis, rather than answering untruthfully because someone may feel uncomfortable.

    I’ll be passing out surveys in Flint, Michigan at JC Penney’s – Genesee Valley Mall, and at Mott Community College main campus and in Grand Blanc, Michigan at Galaxy Lanes bowling alley and Wal-Mart department store. I intend on surveying 20 men and 20 women from each location; totaling 160 people. The survey will consist of a brief statement with two simple questions: Survey: Women that have lost their parental rights due to substance abuse/physical abuse/neglect/etc some are continuing to conceive and neglect their children; finding themselves again and again fighting the court system to keep their children.

    Other states have court mandated birth control (Tubes Tied / (IUD) contraceptive that lasts 5-10 years) – Michigan does not have court ordered birth control. 1) We want to know what you the people think, should there be Court Mandated (ordered) Birth Control (under certain circumstances) or Not: YES NO DON’T KNOW 2) Your gender? Male or Female Data Analysis Upon collecting the results of the survey and organizing the data, a total of 80 males and 80 females were surveyed.

    Here are the results that were retrieved: 69 men stated they were pro-court ordered birth control, 8 men did not support court ordered birth control and 3 men didn’t know; 75 women stated that they were pro-court ordered birth control, 4 women did not support court ordered birth control and 1 woman didn’t know. See the graph below for pictured detail of the statistics. Conclusion Although the results of the data would conclude that the information collected supported my hypothesis. I certainly never imagined I would eceive a conclusion of such a high number of people pro-court ordered birth control as I did. If I had the chance to do it all over again I would have used a Liker-Scale and surveyed different age groups, in turn targeting more of my sample population. I strongly believe that further questioning on this subject would create a better understanding in the outcome. Regardless of what wasn’t asked in the survey, that holds potential to still be found out, I’m pleased with the results that were found thus far, and certainly have enjoyed the experience.

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