Crash and Depression

Throughout most of the 1920s, Americans were generally
confident that business would bring continued prosperity
Black Tuesday
October 19, 1929
Reasons for the crash
artificial nature of the stocks, many purchased with borrowed money
Affects of the collapse of the American economic system
world wide depression. Not long after Black Tuesday it was affecting millions of Americans, many whom have never owned stocks
once an investor lost their equity in their stock, their broker could sell their stock if their borrowed money couldn’t be covered

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Dow Jones Industrial Average
information about stock prices is reflected in this
business cycle
a period in which the economy grows, then contracts
American Economy in 1920s
Stock prices rose and the economy appeared healthy
Great Depression
severe economic decline lasting from 1929 to about 1939
Great Crash
collapse of the market in Oct 1929
The Federal Reserve bank weakened the economy by
slowing the growth of the money supply, allowing the money supply to decline by 27%, allowing money supply to fall dramatically after the crash
21st Amendment
repeal of prohibition
Unemployment rates
up to 60%
Franklin D Roosevelt
had polio; born into wealth in New York, did not want people to cower from the situation, assistant secretary of the navy under Woodrow Wilson, est Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation , as gov of New York won popularity by helping people economically
New Deal
the name given to the new laws, during FDR presidency, which were passed by Congress during the Hundred Days and the months that followed
Huey Hopkins
Tennessee Valley Authority
oversaw the development of dams and hydroelectric power facilities
National Youth Administration
gave part-time jobs to high school and college aged people
Francis E. Townsend
liberal reformer who wanted the government to grant pensions to Americans over 60
Dust Bowl
caused by drought
Dorothea Lange
took Migrant Mother
Laborers at General Motors
sit-down strikes lasting six weeks
Walker Evans
attempted to show the hardships faced by sharecroppers in rural Alabama
Gordon Parks
Black photographer, musician, poet, novelist, journalist, activist, and film director. photo essays for like and Shaft in 1971
Margaret Bourke-White
Georgia O’Keeffe
artist who painted haunting images of the southwestern landscape
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