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A Movie Called Catastrophe



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    The movie entitled “Crash” has many heartbreaking and extraordinary scenes that stood out to me, some more than others. But the scene that is the most memorable to me is the scene in which the African American detective was at a crime scene and realized that the victim of the crime scene was his very own little brother. The detective was too caught up in his own life and his own problems that he ceased to realize the danger his little brother was in. His mother begged him before to go find his brother but he never took the time to do it.

    He often went against his mothers word and put her wishes aside. Since he is a detective, he had the power to find his brother in a heartbeat but he chose not to. After an attempt to rob a man’s car, his brother tried to get away from the city by hitch hiking a ride with an off duty cop. However, he fell victim from a misunderstanding, was shot, and tossed over to the side of the road. When the detective was called to the crime scene, he looked up and saw the face of his own brother. The scene of the discovery of the detective’s brother had an emotional impact n me.

    It made me realize that everything happens for a reason and there are consequences to thinking about yourself and yourself only. If the detective simply took the time to just find his brother as his mom wished, instead of being selfish, the death of his brother could’ve been avoided at all costs. This scene validates that when the opportunity is present, you should take it because unwanted plans may occur. The death of his brother not only caused a loss in his life, but it also made him realize that it was his fault and he could’ve prevented it y doing the right thing in the first place.

    This scene teaches me to appreciate people and spend as much positive time with others because you’ll never know when they will be gone. Crash is a film that reveals the social and racial tensions in Los Angels, California. The creator of time film just didn’t name the film “Crash” for no reason. Believe the creator named the film “Crash” because the film shows a blend of all of the characters’ stories, it reveals to us that it take adversity and an emotional crash for someone to realize their situations and change themselves for the DOD, and it shows us that people’s situations can change one another’s life forever.

    In the film, many of the stories are linked together. When the detective realized his brother was the victim of the crime scene, it was linked to when his brother tried to rob the car. When the Persian man attempted to shoot the man because of the destruction of his shop, it was linked to the story of the Hispanic man. Fifth brother didn’t attempt to rob the car and run away, he probably wouldn’t have been a victim at that crime scene, causing blame from the detective’s mother of her son’s death.

    If the Persian man’s shop weren’t vandalized, he probably wouldn’t have been in such anger to drive him to attempt to shoot the Hispanic man. The director probably named the film “crash” to show us that it takes adversity and an emotional crash for someone to realize their faults and better him or herself also. The Caucasian lady, whose car got robbed from her, treated her maid like dirt. She didn’t realize her faults until she noticed that when she fell down the stairs, the only person who truly cared enough to bring her the hospital was her maid herself.

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