Creating High Performance Team Essay

QUEEN’S UNIVERSITY QUEEN’S SCHOOL OF BUSINESS HIGH PERFORMANCE TEAMS Dr. Shawna O’Grady Winter 2013 Goodes Hall LL152613-533-2328(w) [email protected] queensu. ca or [email protected] ca MODULE DESIGN/OBJECTIVES This introductory module provides students with a set of practical sessions aimed at helping to build effective teams within the Queen’s Accelerated MBA Program. Students are introduced to a five-step team building model that is based on ongoing research into high performance teams in our MBA programs and in other organizations over the past fifteen years.

The team building model used in our program applies outside the academic environment with organizations across many industries ranging from banking, retail, high tech, and pharma, to mining, manufacturing, and construction. Our team training and development program has helped teams succeed in our programs for several years. The module is designed to provide students with an understanding of the key elements of a high performance team, the difference between a group and a team and the steps necessary for team effectiveness (also discussed and defined).

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Creating High Performance Team
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Building effective teams, being part of high performing teams and managing the issues associated with teams are all critical challenges facing managers today. The module helps students to build an excellent set of skills for managing these challenges. Given the importance of the team concept, these are required sessions for all students in our Program. The knowledge gained and skill set developed will be immediately transferable to the work place. The module has two primary objectives: 1) to improve your understanding of the five steps necessary to develop an effective team ) to lead you through a set of experiential exercises that will help to develop your skill set so that you will be a more effective and supportive team member MATERIALS ADVANCE WORK:Prior to the sessions, all students must complete the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument on-line or in questionnaire format. Once completed, the instrument will be scored confidentially and the results will be presented by way of a briefing during the afternoon session of the first day. The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument will help each student to better understand him or herself as a leader and a team member.

Background will be provided on Ned Herrmann’s concept of brain dominance. The scores will be interpreted for becoming more effective personally and professionally. BINDER:All materials required to participate in the module are provided in a binder which is organized by session. The binder includes a set of readings, exercises and case studies that will be used throughout its sessions. Students should bring their binders with them to each session so that they can access the materials as required.

All slide handouts from each session can be inserted into the binder as well to form a resource of material. CASES:Cases will be discussed during session five. These cases have been written to capture team issues that have occurred in our MBA programs. Therefore, they are highly relevant to our own students’ experience. ADDITIONAL For any student interested, there are additional resources READINGS: (books and articles on teams) provided under tab 6 in the binder labelled ‘Resources and Readings’. INSTRUCTIONAL METHODS

A combination of teaching methods is used throughout the module including briefings, individual style assessments, class discussions, videos, case studies, and team exercises. However, the primary teaching method used is experiential exercises, followed by debriefing to draw out the key take-aways for the MBA team environment as well as the workplace. These exercises are focused on the team as a unit of learning and are aimed at helping the team to experience what is necessary to form and perform effectively. EXPECTATIONS The following is expected of course participants: ) attend all course sessions (if an absence from class is unavoidable, please let me know in person or call 1-613-533-2328 and let me know before the class begins) b) complete any pre-assigned work c) participate actively in all assigned classroom activities (e. g. team exercises), come to class prepared to discuss the exercises, and to contribute your thoughts, questions, doubts, relevant personal experiences and examples. I expect sincerity, effort and a genuine commitment to personal growth from students, qualities which are valued by senior executives across organizations. d) demonstrate effective and supportive team member behaviour

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