Creating the Value of Life

I have read the article “Happiness and Meaning: Two Aspects of the good life” by Susan Wolf. The author believes that the meaning of life is difficult to define, because everyone has their own standards, which is a subjective judgment. Some people may feel that physical health is a success. Some people think that they must have great achievements to be successful. My thoughts and authors are somewhat different. Although meaningful life looks different, there is a minimum requirement. Only when this requirement is met can it be called meaningful life. In my opinion, this requirement is to make a contribution to society or to the family, even if this contribution is not worth mentioning at all.

There is a traditional Chinese proverb, “A person’s life is long or short, or heavier than Taishan or lighter than a feather.” The first thing that bears the brunt is the value of life you have achieved, what has been contributed to this society, and what you have brought to the world. Life is what it is. It is also unique and full of wisdom, making the world colorful. When we walk on the road, we feel that everything is due to the combination and creation of life. With the appearance of life, we are slowly integrating into a world full of love. Regardless of the form of life, we should respect it. Because of their existence, we can feel the beauty brought by all beings, and as ourselves, we will become unique scenery in other life.

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However, life is limited, and it is precisely because of limited life that it will become more precious. In our lifetime, if there is no regret at the end of the death, then this is a perfect life course. In different positions, we constantly create the value of life, and continue to use the value we create to beautiful the world. A fulfilling life is equally valuable even if it is busy. Creating the value of life is the meaning of life, while learning to love. Learn to ignite the candle in your heart to shine on others. A life with love is a life without defects. All in all, for us, the meaning of life is not how much we enjoy in the world, how much we ask for, but how much value we create and how much love we give others.

I am afraid that there is only time for the most fingertips to pass, and the past is embarrassing. I never think about it, I won’t go to the future, I won’t plan, and I will always follow the gradual progress in my own world. I was exposed to too many things in junior high school. My first mobile phone was bought in the first day. I was ecstatic. However, I don’t know how to control myself to play. I only know that I am happy. I have never thought about how much heavy sweat is in a mobile phone. In the past, I used to succumb to the sternness of my parents, and I also argued with my parents from time to time. I don’t know what it is called love, what is love, what is responsibility. Now I am slowly becoming familiar with it. The father loves the mountain and the mother loves the water. We are always loved. They carved our growth in the hand and painted it in the corner of the eye. Let yourself give it, let us use our hands to better love our parents, and let this love flow in their arms.

What is the meaning of life and the ultimate embodiment of personal value. To treat one’s own life, we must first learn to be grateful and cherish everything around us, because perhaps one day they will leave you, and more importantly, cherish their lives, establish a correct life goal, and constantly Struggle, strive to enrich your daily life, let yourself bring warmth and convenience to others, if possible, perhaps the world will be different for us. In these processes, perhaps we are not experiencing the leisurely enjoyment, perhaps not getting a very high material, and more likely to become an ordinary life, silently working in our own position, but we have obtained the material The things outside, and this is also irreplaceable by any substance, that is the value of our lives. Everyone’s future is of course different. It is wonderful, it is awkward, it is a person’s life.

What is life, we can understand how philosophy is defined: life is a component of living things, the nature and ability of living and living, and the growth, reproduction, metabolism, stress, evolution, movement, and behavior of living things. The consciousness of survival and development is the concrete and abstract things that human beings discover, define, highlight and extract from biology through the understanding of practical activities. From the parents’ pregnancy in October to the birth of the embryo, the parents are doing the hard work that ordinary people can’t think of, and the birth of a life represents a responsibility. The mother is a great name. He is born with thousands of lives. Everyone should be grateful and should always remember. Life is a responsibility. From the beginning of birth, a person decides what kind of person this future will be and what value it will achieve. Please cherish life.

Death is not terrible. It is just that one person has fulfilled his life’s mission, and he has completed his merits and then chooses to leave. So when everyone is going to die, they will flash their lives in their minds. Some have nothing to remember, they are inactive, and they die. Some people leave a lot of value, leaving too much memory, history to remember. The death of a person is either heavier than Taishan or lighter. Time never leaves people, we must use our time to seize our value, strive to create, and make our own contribution to the family for the family. For the future, for a better future, lay the necessary foreshadowing. People can’t resurrect, but the value left is always there. If you are cherished, you can realize the meaning of your life and create the value of life.

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