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This case is about two workers who are in a managerial position who are going to an interview for a spot in the company corporate headquarters. The interview was not a one on one interview, they were both asked the exact same question and had to listen to each others response. 1. Using terms from the text, how would you describe Devon’s leadership style? How would you describe Isabella’s leadership style? * Devon is trying to initiate structure, his a directive, transactional, and a contemporary leader.

This type of leaders guide and motivate their follower in the direction of established goals by clarifying roles and task requirements.

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They believe in contingent reward and management by exception. * Isabella on the other hand is a production oriented leader, achievement oriented, a charismatic (ego driver) and a transformational leader. This type of leaders have visions, they have long term strategy to attain goal, expect high performance expectations and confidence in follower ability, they are value-centered, and inspirational.

They inspire followers to transcend their own self-interest for the good of the organization. 2. Whose leadership style do you believe would be more effective, Isabella’s or Devon? Why? What if any situational factors might their effectiveness depend on? * I believe that Isabella’s approach is more effective. She can make the employees drive for success. She can make them see the company not only as a job, but something that they own and want it to prosper. This will help the company to be one of the most productive and competitive company out in the market. * If I wanted my company to be more stable and to motivate my employers to do good in their own job and exceed expectations and slowly progress from there, then Devon’s leadership style would be more appropriate.

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