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Bullying in schools


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Bullying is one of the biggest problems in schools today. Most of the American schools going children have been victims of bullying at some point in their life. It can be expressed in various ways ranging from physical abuse to teasing and stealing.

Facts about bullying in schools

Bullying occurs either mentally, verbally or physically. Mental bullying does not involve physical contact rather it involves teasing and taunting. Physical bullying on the other hand involves punching, pushing, poking and any other form of unwanted touch. Verbal bullying involves. Most of the bullying cases go unreported. This is because the victims usually don’t realize what is happening until it is too late or they assume that the bullies grew up in unpleasant or violent conditions and they are only trying to make themselves feel superior so they ignore it.

Another fact about bullying is that most of the bullying takes place in the bathrooms at school. This is because the bathrooms are usually unmonitored and in most cases students are unlikely to talk about what happens there. Finally a large number of students miss school everyday for fear of being bullied. Bullying does not discriminate and anyone can be a victim some students therefore prefer to stay home than be bullied.

Questions about bullying

Why do students bully each other?

This could be due to a variety of reasons such as:

School failure- in most cases bullies do not perform well so they seek attention through bullying
Parental relationship-this depends on how the parents treat their children. Some are rigid when it comes to discipline while others are inconsistent in that they do not care what their children do outside of their homes
Rejection by peers- this makes children irrational and aggressive and they result to violent means of problem resolution.

What are the consequences of school bullying?

 There are two categories of consequences of bullying short term and long term. In the short term, children dislike going to school, distrust their peers and have problems making friends. In the long term victims are able to perform well in school and make friends easily when they grow older. For the bullies they are unable to maintain close friendships and their teachers don’t like them. In the long term they may develop into criminals and delinquents.

What should schools do about bullying?

Get an accurate assessment of the problem
Monitor the bullying ‘hot spots’ such as the bathrooms and playgrounds
Talk to and discipline bullies
Conduct training for parents and teachers on how to prevent and stop bullying
Create support groups where victims can express themselves
What can students do about school bullying?

Accept each other despite their many shortcomings and disparities
Report bullying cases to the right authority


If there was more information about bullying in schools then it would be easier to stop bullies. The fact is that the information is there but the school system and the society in general ignores it leading to rampant cases of bullying.

What do I need to know about the topic?

Why do students treat each other badly?

Their parents make them feel unloved and unappreciated and they take it out on others
Because of how they see their parents acting
Lack of proper social training
It makes them feel superior by providing an avenue for them to escape from their own problems
What motivates bullies to behave the way they do?

They know they can get away with it
The schools do not monitor this issue to the full of their ability
It is very easy for them to pick a target
Are there national policies against bullying in schools?

 There are policies and laws against bullying in schools such as the PTA resolution against bullying is a small part of a larger organization that address prevention, intervention and elimination of bullying. It informs the public about the risk of bullying and tries to create a tolerable environment for all. Research online at <>

What is the parent’s contribution to bullying?

They do not discipline their kids appropriately
They do not pay attention to what their children do when they are away from them
Some parents encourage their children in their bullying activities
They do not guide their children adequately on acceptable social behavior
They defend their children instead of letting them be punished if they are caught bullying others


McGrath, M. (2006) school bullying: tools for avoiding harm and liability. California.  Corwin press.


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