Credit Card Fraud Essay

Credit Card Fraud: Prevention How can you prevent credit card fraud? New technology makes it harder and harder to prevent credit card fraud because thieves are always discovering new ways on how to crack and steal credit card and bank account numbers. There is no prevention that can stop credit card fraud 100% of the time, but there are ways of helping prevent this from happening. There are many ways and tips that can help prevent this from happening.

One way is that credit card companies are trying to help their customers have more employees to work full-time for fraud prevention.

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Credit Card Fraud
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It helped a lot in the last three years. Many companies have also sent out millions of brochures to people in cities where identity theft is most common. Companies want to educate customers about credit card fraud and preventing this from happening because many people don’t even know that this type of fraud can happen.

Some other little tips on how to prevent this from happening is sign your credit cards as soon as they arrive, carry your credit card separate from your wallet, keep a record of your account and credit card information, void incorrect receipts, destroy carbons, save receipts to compare with billing statements, open bills promptly and notify card companies in advance of a change in address.

Different credit card companies have their own way of prevention.

For example, when MasterCard cardholders buy any product or service online a pop up appears and asks the consumer to enter a special password called a secure code to confirm that it’s the right cardholder. Some credit card companies make you confirm a purchase by asking you to enter your mother’s maiden name, social security number or a special password like MasterCard does. Online shopping is just as or even more dangerous than going to a local store and using your credit card.

To help prevent credit card fraud online is to shop from a secure PC. For instance, you shouldn’t use the family computer because your teens use chats and online games that contain spyware. Also you should shop smart and only use websites that you know and trust. You don’t want to give out your credit card information to any site. You should try to use an alternative payment method other than your credit or debit card. There are plenty of other payments like a money order and PayPal.

Every time you purchase a product online you should always make a new email address. You should do this just to make sure you don’t receive spam mail that you can open and it can steal credit card or bank account information if saved on your PC. Preventing credit card fraud is a very difficult task to do. Every prevention system or tip that you use is never going to be 100 percent safe. By using these tips on how to prevent this from happening will help a great deal and you will have a less chance on getting caught by a credit card thieve.

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