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Cremation: Better for the Environment

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We all know about people donating our organs when they pass on. When contributing the organs, it is said that to be the most loving thing someone can do for their neighbor, giving a piece of themselves. But then, what’s going to happen to the body after that? Burial or cremation? According to the American Cremation Society, thirty-six percent of the American population is choosing cremation, and that number is set to steadily increase.
By electing cremation you are aiding the environment in a few ways.

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Cremation: Better for the Environment
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The most palpable reason is a dead body isn’t taking up land space. Think about it for a moment. When you’re driving around, how many cemeteries do you manage to pass on a daily basis? All that acreage is permanently taken over by the deceased, never to be removed. It could have developed into a park for the community, or let Mother Nature take it back for the animals that need homes too.

By having mausoleums for urns instead, one normal sized building can easily hold hundreds of deceased ashes, if not more.

Likewise, while a body is dead in the ground, it is decaying. The human corpse emits gasses such as methane and hydrogen sulfide, amongst other harmful substances, that ultimately soak into the ground and spreads. If someone chooses cremation there is no body rotting away. On the other hand, with cremation there is smoke that comes along with the fire. The 1990 Environmental Protection Act produced certain responsibilities on crematories to ensure that the process is carefully controlled to minimize the impact on the environment. This is very closely monitored to not create serious air pollution.
The best thing is incineration costs a fraction of formal burial. The typical funeral can total around $7,000. It is too bad that individuals spend all that money for a plot of land just to be laid to rest in. Nobody stops by to visit. Every time you drive by a cemetery, there never seems to be very many people visiting their relatives.
The good.

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