Crime and Disorder extra

This will help to protect the victims who were involved in harmful relationships. With the act introducing new powers it gives the community’s a better say to things such as groups hanging near shops and when people go to court (offenders). The act also gives provisions about how the criminal justice works, court fees, Independent Police Complaints Commission and the police. Secondly is the Police Reform Act 2002 which aims at improving things like supervision, administrative functions and conduct of the police forces, police officers and other people who carry out police like functions.

The act has also made changes to police powers and provided powers for non-police officers connecting to anti-social behavior. Antisocial Behavior Act 2003 is about making the rules stronger and giving people fixed penalty. This will stop people from buying spray paint if they are under the age of 16 and people who own the shops will not allowed to sell it to people under 16 also. This will decrease graffiti so in the long run saving the council a lot of money.

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One rule they put into power is if someone is caught vandalizing the community with spray paint then they will be punished by having to clean up heir own mess. It also cracks down on gangs; they can now disperse groups of up to 2 or more if they fear that they may cause any anti-social behavior among the community. Crime and Disorder act 1998 created partnerships with people. There are 376 teams to stop crime in the 1-K. They will work with people to make plans on what to do about crimes. This will reduce crime in the area because the authorities are more aware of the actions and will prevent it.

Sex offenders have also been put on a list, this helps the authorities understand what they are up to, where they are and generally just keep tabs on them. This will making the sex offender more wary of his actions and can reduce crime but if they were to break the law whilst on the list the authorities will have a really good chance of catching them if they do. A parenting order also will be put into place. This is where they may have kids taken away from them or put them into counseling to help them or even be supervised.

MI: Analyses the impact of two pieces of crime and disorder legislation Anti-Social Behavior Act 2003 The Anti-Social Behavior Act is intended to give the police powers to deal with serious anti-social behavior. It introduces new powers for cracking down on areas used for drug dealing and separating threatening groups. It also gives the police the power to arrest or confiscate young people with air weapons; they are also banning the possession of imitation guns and air guns in public.

It also makes changes to current police powers to crack down on public get-together, also to deal with illegal raves where drugs and under-age drinking could be a factor. This will affect the community overall because there will be less guns on the streets real or fake and it will discourage people to destroy property from Ewing drunk or on drugs. It will also help parents knowing there child won’t be going to illegal raves and doing drugs. This Act also gives local authorities powers and them working alongside them to try and control anti-social behavior in local communities.

It gives landlord’s more powers to deal with anti-social behavior in housing, meaning they can ban them from the property or make them move out. It also make facilities that deal with people who have committed any type of anti social behavior and tries to change the way they behave and preventing re- offending. This act also gives people who have committed anti social behavior to clean up the community e. G. Graffiti, litter. This will benefit everybody in the community because the people will know they are being punished and will have less of a chance of re-offending and the community will be cleaner.

The offenders are the most affected by section 30 of the Anti-Social Behavior Act 2003 in my opinion because If any members of the public have been intimidated, harassed, alarmed or distressed as a result of the behavior of groups of two or more persons in public places in any area the police can interfere. You can be stopped and searched if there is suspicion that they will or might commit anything that may damage society or create a disturbance, for example it gives the police the power to separate groups of more than 2 if the police feel they may be up to no good.

It will also affect the younger generation because the act gives police officers the power to send under 1 as home after pm if they are seemed to be suspicious, this will prevent any anti-social behavior to occur. This will also affect the local communities because it will make the people living in the immunity a lot more secure and safe in their housing knowing any people out after pm will be being watched and sent home by the police if they are misbehaving.

The police force may also be impacted because each officer out on duty will have more of a responsibility watching young people and keeping the community safe. Police Reform Act 2002 The Police Reform Act 2002 looks at the powers of the police have and the act makes changes so the police can do their job much easier, the police can have a more positive effect on a person that has been given an SABA. The police old hope it would keep the offender away from rime and re-offending.

Some people see Gobos as cool and think it is good to have one because people will notice you, this could be a negative impact on the local area where the criminal lives because with them thinking it is something to be proud of they could keep the bad behavior and people within the community will feel unsafe to go to shops or other places where they might be in danger. But some people feel that the Police Reform Act 2002 is a positive impact on society. Individuals see the legislation in a positive way because it is intended to protect them from Iranians or offenders who broke the law.

Section 36 regulates the standard of equipment used by police forces. It allows the Secretary of State to make new rules, which could be used to guarantee that all police forces use equipment that has been approved. An example of this is the taker gun which has recently come into power. This gives all officers more protection and more power over criminals. This will hugely benefit the public and their perception of the police force. The public will feel more safer knowing the police are more powerful and are bringing this into action.

Also people who could become criminals will have less of a motive to commit crime because the use of these weapons coming into play could mean they are too scared or frightened to commit a crime because the could be electrocuted. This will also benefit the services because this section of the act brings equipment such as bulletproof vests and helmets. This will make the police more confident in the job when out in the streets knowing that they have less chance of being injured and they are more powerful now meaning the police will be more productive.

Del: Evaluate the impact of one piece of crime and disorder legislation In my opinion Crime and Disorder Act 1 998 needs to be amended or re-done because its powerlessness within society. This is happening because police forces are not tough enough when it comes to punishing criminals. Today teenagers think that being antisocial is classed as being cool. This is why the police should improve the act making smaller anti-social behavior crimes have a bigger punishment. This means that they will be less motivated to commit the crime knowing that if they do so they will be punished.

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