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Crime N Punishment Notes Essay

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1. Symbols • “Holy Fools” – Ch. 4- Sonia and Lizaveta, oxymoron of being righteous, saintly yet foolish; symbolize self-sacrifice, blind faith • “Sickness and Delirium”- Ch. Raskolnikov’s guilt previously symbolized by blood, now is symbolized by sickness and delirium; Porfiry Petrovich indirectly accuses Raskolnikov of crime by accusing him of spreading his “illness” and of being “sick” and “delirious” • The Bible/Story of Lazarus- ties back to the “holy fools”; the story of Lazarus symbolizes Sonia and Lizaveta’s beliefs that religion will compensate them for their sacrifice and servitude (they hope to be resurrected by God, like Lazarus was); bible is obviously religion 2.

Language Hyperbole/Allusion- “I think you and your whole reputation are not worth the little finger of that unfortunate girl at whom you are casting a stone,” (Chapter 2, page 290). Allusion to the Bible, Gospel of John, Jesus and the Adulterous Woman, where Jesus says, “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her”.

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Crime N Punishment Notes
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The bible quote asks one to judge oneself before judging others, which Raskolnikov believes Luzhin does not do. Raskolnikov hyperbolizes Luzhin’s insignificance by comparing him to Sonia’s little finger. Asyndeton- “Something strange seemed to have passed between them…An idea had slipped through, a kind of hint; something terrible, hideous, suddenly understood on both sides…Rhazumikhin turned pale as a corpse,” (Chapter 3, page 300). This asyndeton implicitly shows Rhazumikhin’s realization of Raskolnikov’s crime. Without conjunctions, one senses just how sudden and daunting Rhazumikhin’s discovery is. • Malicious, insinuating tone- “And he’ll keep circling around and around me, smaller and smaller circles, and-plop!

He’ll fly straight into my mouth and I will swallow him,” (Chapter 5, pg 325). Obviously a metaphor supported by the following word choice: • Word choice in chapter 5 supporting malicious, insinuating tone: malice, sickness, terror, disease, delirium, hallucination; Word choice surrounding Porfiry: sniggered, sly grin, good humor Quotes 1. Ch. 2 Pg. 299 “There is a line in everything which it is dangerous to overstep; and when it has been overstepped, there is no return. Significance: The quote connects to the book as a whole specifically the character Raskolnikov.

Also, in general the author has the message that once an action is completed there is no turning back. This seems to be a reoccurring concept throughout the novel. Peter Petrovich at this point is irritable with Raskolnikov and expresses his feeling to dounia. He has reason to believe that Raskolnikov is speaking poorly of him behind his back. 2. Ch. 5 Pg. 344 “What is it, to run away! A mere formality; that’s not the main thing; no, he won’t run away on me by a low of nature, even if he has somewhere to run to. ”

Signifigance: When Dostoevsky is saying “law of nature” he is specifically speaking of Raskolnikov’s guilt and how he can’t escape it. This quote is said by Porify Petrovitch to explain that Raskolnikov’s guilt humanizes him and proves that Porify Petrovitch is a possible protagonist. 3. Ch. 2 Pg. 288 “I want to find out now for certain is whether he is a bother to me. And about you, whether I am dear to you, whether you value me. Whether you are a husband to me. ” “Peter Petrovich”, said Pulcheria Alexandrovna with dignity, “the proof that Dounia and I did not take your words badly is that we are here” (Ch. , Pg. 290). Significance: Both quotes connect to the theme that actions speak louder than words. Also, the author is stating that just their presence is significant because out of gratitude Raskolnikov’s mother is respecting Raskolnikov’s concerns that they all dislike him. Pulcheria is making a case that is they did not love and support him they would have not traveled the vast distance to Saint Petersburg to visit Raskolnikov. Theme: Guilt is a vile villain that eats away at someone until there is nothing left. Setting •Sonia’s Room

Old Green House of three Stories Large Room (Like a Tool Shed) Wall with three windows which gave it a grotesque aspect No furniture in the room, only a chair. The fact that her apartment is ugly shows her humility and suffering and also that she is humble. •Police Station Raskonikov decides to go the police station on his own to meet with Porfiry Petrovich . The two embark on a long conversation in which Raskolnikov quickly starts to feel as though he has fallen into a trap. He discusses the psychological methods by which he hopes to catch the murderer.

He includes observations about the “youth” and “intelligence” of his suspect that are pointed directly at Raskolnikov. Raskolnikov, though agitated, stays quiet. But after a while, he bursts out wildly, accusing the official of suspecting him and challenging Porfiry either to accuse him outright or to let him be. Important Characters •Raskonikov is beginning to think he is going to be caught. When questioned by Porfiry Petrovich he gets denfensive and looks guilty. In his conversation with Sonia he says she will find out who killed her friend soon. Porfiry Petrovich – He is in charge of investigating the murders. Porfiry Petrovich understanding of criminal psychology and is aware of Raskolnikov’s mental state. So far, He is Raskolnikov’s primary enemy. •Sonya is quiet, timid, and easily embarrassed. She is also extremely devout and devoted to her family. Her sacrifice of prostituting herself for the sake of her family’s poverty shows her humbleness. •Dunya is the strongest female character in the novel, neither as crushed by poverty nor as timid as Sonya.

In part 4, Dunya then confronts Luzhin about his annoyance at her brother’s presence, and Luzhin offends everyone in the room with his response. Dunya orders Luzhin to leave, the wedding is off. •Svidrigailov believes,that he can make Dunya love him. The death of his wife, Marfa Petrovna, has made him generous, but he is generally a threatening presence to both Dunya and Raskolnikov. •Nikolai, the prisoner who is under suspicion for the murders, rushes into the office and confesses to the crime. Although Porfiry does not believe the man, he takes the confession seriously.

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