Criminal Justice Scholarship Essay

Many people are familiar with the T. V. show NCIS and with the character Abby. Yet, most people don’t really understand the all the aspects of forensics and think that it would be an easy job. But in reality, forensic science involves so much more. Forensics is job that varies from day to day. This paper describes the job of being a Forensic Scientist; in terms of salary, outlook, day to day activity, and education need for being a forensic scientist.

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Criminal Justice Scholarship
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The wages for forensic scientist are competitive and the field is expected to expand.

According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, the average wage for a Forensic Scientist is about $55,040 a year. In addition, it states that forensic science jobs are expected to increase by 20% which is faster than average and there will be growth in demand by state and local governments for forensic scientists. It is recommended having a bachelor’s degree and specialized training after you receive the bachelors to become a forensic scientist. Many people have different majors and minors.

Science is a good major or minor to have because when being a forensic scientist you need to have a strong back ground in science and be able to pay close attention to details. As a forensic scientist you will have to analyze all the evidence in a case. What all you have to analyze will be anything from DNA, finger prints, drug toxic screens, and identification of firearms and the firearms tool marks. Forensic scientist will provide the judicial system with expert opinions and the analyses of the evidence. With that said forensic scientists also need a detailed report on how the evidence analyzed and describe methods used and the conclusion.

Ann Todd Head Director of the FBI Crime Lab states that people don’t really understand what it’s like to be a forensic scientist and how much a case depend on the answers you give to solving the crime. Todd also states that the FBI has two active internships to better your chances of becoming a more experienced forensic scientist or whether or not this would be a good career choose. Todd says that she has seen many people who have come into the career field of forensic scientist and ended up becoming a field agent or detective because they liked the other aspect of that better than forensics.

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