Crisis intervention programs for troubled teens - Teens Essay Example

Crisis intervention programs for troubled teens

“Adolescence is…the cruelest place on earth - Crisis intervention programs for troubled teens introduction. It can really be heartless,” (Amos, 2006) says Tori Amos, and she is so right. Adolescence is the transitional period of development between youth and maturity; a time when teens often fall prey to a persuasive society and are afflicted by drugs, alcohol, depression, oppositional defiance, delinquency and suicidal tendencies.


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In such cases, crisis intervention and counseling programs become imperative to redirect and provide support to the troubled teens. Local schools, which provide all students with psychological counseling, can often be a lifeline. Students are encouraged to spend several hours each week with their fellow students or teachers, discussing their problems. Troubled children are assigned an adult sponsor and an experienced peer to help them.

Peer group counseling is often more effective for adolescents who tend to respond well to peer assessment. Education specialists trained in areas of academic and cognitive testing to alleviate severe cases, also provide traditional one on one counseling. Counselors and academic coordinators strictly maintain matters of confidentiality.  However, in times of crisis when intervention is mandatory, confidentiality is breeched. Severe problems are taken care of with the help of in-depth diagnostic evaluation and personal interview with the consulting clinical psychologist.

Teachers should make every student aware of the presence of the peer counseling service. Presence of such facilities is important for the understanding of special psychological and educational issues and helps in averting crisis. I am sure if I had a troubled teen at home, he\she would benefit from these services.


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