Critical Race Studies Program Panel Detention Conditions Facing Queer and Transgender Immigrants - Immigrants Essay Example

The topic discussed in the lecture was about the rampant disregard  for the human rights  for representation for minority groups such as the African Americans, Latinos, Latinas, Asians etc - Critical Race Studies Program Panel Detention Conditions Facing Queer and Transgender Immigrants introduction. and especially the health and medical care of  the detained queer and transgender immigrants in the correctional facilities. It is s actually sad to discover that the rights of this people are being violated, especially those people who have illnesses and those with HIV with very few HMO but still have very few or no support are given to the detainees.

The discrimination and harassment are also very evident for trandgenders, in L.A. walking after five pm will be arrested for prostitution as these people are labeled as sex worker. There were instances in the some of this correctional facilities that one patient who is suffering from HIV was given pills  pain reliever and instead of treating them, they give them medicine for headache or put to sleep, access to medical personnel was denied. Some of the detainees mentioned that instead of being treated they was humiliated. And there were inconsistencies in the treatment not to mention that access to medical personnel was denied in some cases.


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There was an issue  brought up by the third speaker about a certain gay man who’s name was Victor but is currently known as Victoria being transgender who died of HIV . She talked about giving the family of the deceased support by giving Victoria a correction in identification as a she instead of being known as a he or as the says “correcting all the pronouns” which is quite ludicrous because he belongs in the male correctional facility and that this issue has been blown out of proportion since it is not uncommon for convicts to die by violence in prison as well as have marginal lives because that is the price they pay for violating their freedom.

It as if the speaker would want to have a different correctional facility for gay, lesbian and transgender prisoner to prevent this kind of harassment and discrimination. HMO and medical insurances scarced coverage are problems dealt by every common people in the country even those who are free and working not just by gay and lesbian prisoners.  Besides being discriminated by fellow inmates for being gay is not as uncommon for being discriminated as being in a different race or having disability. Presuming that involving the community and providing training for sexuality sensitivity  will stop this kind of violence is simply eutopic and unreal because homophobia will still exist. Thus the relationship between homophobic beliefs and  attitudes and physical abused aimed at gays and lesbians cannot be reduced to a simple cause and effect statement.(Jennes and Broad 1997) Violence against gay and lesbians is not new and anomalous in fact it is as old as humankind itself. The amazing part is that for some of the high profile cases such as the murder of Shepard and Gaither have inspired journalists and activists and other members of morally concerned citizenry to focus on national attention on gay-bashing in the USA (Jennes and Grattet, 2001: Perry 2001). It is quite evident that cases with controversial topics can cause a highlight for the careers of people who pursue this kind of work. Perhaps the speakers should not just be vigilant in serving justice for this group of individuals but also shed light to the general population of the living conditions and issues of the prisoners in this different correctional facilities.



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