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Critical Reasioning Assignment

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    It will save lots of time, money and efforts. Motivation as defined by the business directory is: Internal and external factors that stimulate desire and energy in people to be continually interested and committed to a job, role or subject or to make an effort to attain a goal”. Motivation is very important because it increases employee’s productivity and loyalty. People woks harder when they are motivated and satisfied. Companies with motivated staff are more productive and profitable than companies with denominated staff.

    To motivate any employee you should know first what motivates him individually and then you can work on a plan and strategies to motivate him. There are many different motivators for the employees eke recognition and appreciation, money, popularity, health, learning and development. It’s a very big mistake to think is the cash is the main motivator. More money does not always leads to happy employees. Money only is not enough. Extra money can be spent and forgotten easily and companies cannot just pay money when their employees are denominated. There are many other ways to motivate the employees.

    For example: having accurate and clear job descriptions will help retaining the employees because they may leave the company when they are given more roles which is not included in their job interacts. Open Communication plays a role in the employee’s loyalty especially when the company financial information is shared frequently with them. This will make the employees feel secured and appreciated. Open Communication strengthen the relationships between the employees and the management. These relationships has direct impact in the company productivity and profitability.

    If these relationships are maintained well, they will lead to effective teamwork and better productivity. Company can have open communication by having regular meetings and updates. Such communication will make he employees feel that they are an important part of the team and their contributions are seen and appreciated. One of the most necessary elements employees are looking for is the flexibility. If the company is flexible with its employees when it comes to timings, off days, working hours and other rules, it will gain their respect and loyalty and they will perform better with a higher morale.

    Employees’ development and growth is another important and key factor in employees’ motivation. It can be done by sending them to specialized training courses, provide financial education assistance, rotate them in different apartments to strengthen their knowledge and enhance their technical skills and competency. One to One coaching is a type of development and it cost time only. Having these things done well will motivate the employees and gain their loyalty to stay longer and perform better in the company. Recognition is another important factor in retaining and motivating the employees.

    Everybody needs recognition and appreciation. Managers should understand recognition very well as it has a magical effect on the employee’s performance. It also strengthen the relationship between the boss and the employees. It will make hem feel valued and their work is appreciated which will encourage them to give more and work harder. Recognition will lead to greater satisfaction and will make the work interesting and will make the employees focus on the job he is doing rather than complaining. Also recognition is an indirect feedback to other employees who are not performing.

    Rewarding the employees effectively is very important to motivate them. Companies should offer rewards which is accepted by the employees. Rewards are two types. It can be financial and non-financial. Financial rewards like Salary increments, bonuses commissions, deiced benefits. Non-financial rewards like off-days, team building events, job rotations and flexible working ways. Maintaining a good working environment is another important factor. People feel happy when their workplace is clean, well- organized, comfortable and healthy. Office space should be spacious enough for the employees to move freely.

    Facilities should be available and well maintained. Chairs should be comfortable and desks sizes should be right. Lightening should be enough and comfortable. Air conditioners should be well functioning. Workplace should be calm away from the road noise. Team building activities are very important for the team to gather, have fun, know each other and strengthen the team spirit. It’s a chance for the employees to change the daily routine and help them get back to work with an extra energy and better mood. Such activities will lead to a better teamwork and cooperation.

    Team building activities will support the employees in expressing their opinions and ideas freely which will motivate them to approach the management whenever they can. Such activities will breaks the barrier and increase the trust with the employees. Employee’s empowerment has its effect in the employee’s motivation. There are many employees who complain that there are given more responsibilities and less authorities. Employees should be given enough authority to fix the customers problems without the need to get the approval from a supervisor.

    Off course there are things which needs management approvals but there also small problems which can be solved by the employees themselves. This will save the customers time and the management as well. Giving enough authorities to the employees will make them feel valued and important and they will feel hey are a part of the management which will give them a push to work better. Employees should be given the responsibilities and the trust. Micromanagement can destroy the relationships and reduce the trust which will cause denomination.

    Sharing decision making with the employees is another important motivation factor. Listening to the employees is one of the effective management skills which increases the motivation. Companies’ managements should always listening to the employees carefully. Employees will feel care and will feel they are an important part of the company. Listening to the sales or customer service employees’ opinions is a must because they deal directly with the customers and they may know things better than the senior management.

    Listening to them will make them feel valued and will encourage them to think out of the box use their creativity and make more initiatives which will be reflected positively with the company outcomes. There are also many small things which managers can use to motivate their employees such as calling the sick employee who could not come to work and ask about his health and pray for him to get well soon, attending the employee’s special occasions or sending them greeting cards on their birthdays. They are tiny things but they leave a very positive impact and they increases the morale.

    Giving feedback is another motivation driver. For any employee to succeed. He needs to know his status. He needs to know if he is doing the right thing or not. If there is a target, he needs to know his status frequently in order to fill in the gaps if any and to get support if required. Feedback sessions are very important for both the employees and the management. The management will know if its employees are doing good or not and it will have a time to change he plans or fix the strategies and the employees will get the support if they needed. Feedback should be given regularly or whenever there is a chance.

    Feedback helps developing the employees’ knowledge and experience. Stress management is one of the management roles which support keeping the employees stress free. Companies’ managements are required to identify the stresses and try to eliminate them. They should provide specialized courses in stress management for the employees in order to help them reduce stress. There are many sources of support for stress management like having a restroom in he workplace where employees can take their breaks and relax away from the customers and the interruptions.

    Conclusion Motivation is very important for any employees because they are human beings, not machines. They need care, appreciation, development and many other factors in order to get the best out of them. Companies should motivate the managers themselves and develop their motivational skills in order to motivate the rest of the team. Motivation is about getting the employees to do the tasks because they want to do it. Organization success is linked with the motivation level of its employees. All the operations are directly affected positively or negatively by the employee’s satisfaction.

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