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Critical thinking skills assignment

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    Studies clearly show that students earning a STEM degree (or others in demand) will earn more over their lifetime than those who do not have one. But this assumes that all degreed graduates will be able to find a job in a market that is increasingly placing more value on certified skills and professional certifications over the bachelor’s degree. Harvard Business School released a study in February 201 1 that asserts that for all jobs created between 2008 and 2018, 27% of people with post-secondary licenses or certificates will earn more than the average bachelor’s degree recipient.

    Certified Professionals representing one of many career fields, including: engineering, technology, healthcare, accounting and finance, construction, legal, and law enforcement are the new labor market of this century. Presently, our market has more degreed graduates than jobs, and more jobs than technically certified employees. While the economy is clearly the reason for a high unemployment rate, our nation currently has jobs that cannot be filled. Why is Higher Education not always the answer? Our economy is changing. The Information Age is now that of Big Data. The country’s infrastructure is aging.

    Our population is aging. These are just three examples of a workforce that needs technical certifications that focus more on how to apply knowledge immediately to challenges at hand. Yes, advanced degrees are valuable to each of these industries. However, the majority of these workforces need technical skills that can be acquired over less time and with fewer dollars than by attending a four-year institution. The 2010 Project on Student Debt study revealed a national average of $25,250, which, according to a separate study, is nearly the median starting salary for entry-level positions.

    Consider the possibility of using a technical certification to land an entry-level position – the financial impact is huge, enabling the young workforce to thrive more quickly in today’s economy since they would be less buried in debt. Another way colleges and universities better prepare under graduates is by teaching them the knowledge of soft skills. What is soft skills? Soft skills are critical thinking, decision-making, listening, integrity, leadership. These are examples of soft skills that have generally been overlooked in our education system.

    Yet they are considered vital by business leaders around the world. We have many instances where the lack of integrity behind executive-level decisions has resulted in economic catastrophe. We know that when we interact with the customer-facing unit of a company only to have our concerns dismissed or continue to go unheard, we tend to take our business elsewhere. Instilling these traits at the earliest levels of education has been projected to have significant positive outcomes on our future workforce and how it will not only lead but also adapt to and succeed in our changing economy.

    Another key element of this new paradigm includes preparing our youth to one day become productive citizens and members of the workforce. This occurs through teaching critical thinking, cognitive reasoning and people skills as well as leadership. A study published by Child Trends in 2008 shows that career planning, decision making, listening skills, integrity and creativity are all considered vital to entering the workplace, but are not part of college readiness.

    This study also reports that by placing more “emphasis on spiritual development, including a sense of purpose, and evolving a positive identity and healthy habits,” then students are better equipped to become productive citizens and succeed in our economic future. This early emphasis, which begins in elementary school, provides the foundation for all students, whether they choose to go directly into a technical certificate program or on to higher education after high school. To conclude, all the points above helps under graduates in colleges and universities to meet these challenges.

    By this way we can say that if all under graduates can solve all this challenges all of them will be productive members of the work force. . Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one Based on the quote above , share your thoughts in a critical manner as to how far this is true or otherwise ? Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one . It means that knowledge is the way to be able to see things in a different way , to be able to under understand things from more than one perspective . When you have no knowledge , your mind is empty , but if you have an education then you will be able to reason .

    To have an open mind is to not jump to a conclusion , but look at meeting from all sides and perspectives . Education is not everything . Just because you have IQ it doesn’t mean you have CEQ . Example if you only have knowledge in books , a person with CEQ has more knowledge in facing an interview . This shows that even with high level of IQ you can’t face everything easily . A person has to balance this two to be successful . Another problem is that parents focus in education too much . They pressure their kids mainly in education . They don’t know how their kids will think if they don’t have education .

    Parents don’t know that education alone is not enough for their kids o face the outside world . Parents should take the initiative to teach their kids other skills to come up in life . Another good point is that many successful people are drop outs from college . Example Bill Gates , he was a college drop out but he managed to create Microsoft software and now he is the richest man in the world . Steve Jobs was fired from his own company , but he created the idea of the phone . This made his company to hire him back after few years and that idea made him successful in life. This shows that there is always a way to come back to the top .

    This shows that without education its not the end of the world . Education is also important , it is crucial that we have the basic knowledge to at least survive the challenges that the society has to offer . The criticizing society has no space for people who leaves out education and think he or she can live without , because of the modern generation that is so deep in judgments . The society looks down on people without education . This closes many opportunities for people without education to succeed . Another point is that if we have education we will start to think in a more better way .

    By this we can say that we will make better decisions in life . We will also start to analyses every situation we face and come up to a conclusion which is the best match to our current situation . Education opens up our mind to the whole world . We will have more knowledge about the world . We will also know what is good and what is bad . We will gain more information than a person without education . By this I conclude that education has more advantages than disadvantages and everybody must have at least the basic knowledge so that they can think critically in their life.

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