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Crude Oil Use without Negative Effects on the Environment

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What can we do to use crude oil efficiently but reduce the negative effects it has on the environment? For over three hundred million years, right before our existence, Oil has been around. Right from when the earth was covered in big, huge trees and extensive vegetation; crude oil has been around and can be found in Pools of deposits inside the sedimentary rocks beneath the earth surface, after all crude oil is decayed vegetable matter.

There is a saying, “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

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Crude Oil Use without Negative Effects on the Environment
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” Using oil is very toxic to both human and animals; it causes air pollution due to its incomplete combustion and the main source of this is exhaust pipes in cars. If spilled into the ocean, it can kill millions of fishes and damage the surrounding environment. It causes acid rain because of its high temperatures that reacts with the nitrogen in the air. We are looking for ways to end our environmental problems but still partake in activities that contribute to these problems.

Reducing the amount of crude oil we consume on a day-to-day basis can potentially lower the danger we might face in the future. Analysts and scientist have calculated that in a couple of decades we would run out of oil. The price of oil is rising every year and doesn’t seem to be lowering anytime soon. America is dependent on the Middle East for about 80% of its oil imports. This gives the Middle East control of the oil market and very well determines the price of oil in America and in other countries that heavily depend on them for oil supply.

There is an estimated 1. 3 trillion barrels of oil left in the planets core oil fields, which would only sustain us for about another 40 years or more if we were fortunate. In 2040, the level of oil production would be as low as 15 million barrels per day, which is not good because by then the world’s population is going to be double the amount today, which means that the demand for resources will double as well, and the world is going to be more industrious than it is today, meaning we would be heavily and almost completely dependent on crude oil.

If you compare the price of gas per barrel today to the price in 1998, you would discover that in such a short time, the price has sky rocketed. Back then, a barrel cost about $1. 16, in 2007 it cost $64 and today is going for an increasing $134. A further increase in price would affect everything from car production to train prices to bus ticket prices because people would rather use a cheaper form of transportation than spend more money on maintaining a motor vehicle. Oil price has risen over 4% in the last month (June 2012) and approaching almost $140 a barrel (Steve Hargreaves). The knock-on effects are many, including a rise in the cost of fuel oil affecting manufacturing and fuel for transport, impacting shipping, aviation and road travel. Oil price increases also effect the commodity cost of stable food stuffs such as wheat and rice – the fuel for vehicles used in harvesting and transporting them doubling in price in the past year” (Institute of Mechanical engineers). Furthermore, oil is a non-renewable source of energy, meaning that once it runs out we would have to wait millions of years to get even a pinch of it back.

If this continues, the future generations between that time periods would find life a bit difficult. On the bright side, this might be good for them because this will inspire technological advancements and discovering of better energy forms. There is no way possible of getting more oil once it runs out. These days oil extraction is becoming more difficult because most fields are being depleted and this would lead to an increase in the price of oil due to the scarcity (Fossil Fuel Resources).

The burning of oil causes large amounts of smoke to be released into the air. This smoke is filled with dangerous gases like hydrogen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide that pollute the air for us humans and animals. The oil is most times spewed into the oceans from the ships trying to transport them. This results in hundreds of aquatic animals being killed from the toxicity of the oil and also making the water poisonous. The burning of oil, coal and gas in the old industrial factories worsens the problem.

The machinery in such industries are old are not programmed to the principle of green energy (Renewable Solar Energy). Drilling causes vibrations that travel down into the ground, causing distortion to the tectonic plates, this causes them to shift out of position, leading to future earthquakes destroying cities and countries (Buzzle). In 2010, a gas pipeline near Michigan ruptured, spewing thousands of gallons crude oil, polluting over 40 miles of the Kalamazoo River. The EPA says that more dredging still needs to be done to remove the submerged oil at the bottom of the river.

The sand has become saturated with oil, causing the oil to just remain at the bottom rather than floating to the top. Millions of gallons have been recovered since 2010 but more work still has to be done to clear out as much as possible, leaving as little as possible in the river, The Canadian pipeline was fined $4million and have spent over $840 million on trying to clean up the river (Michigan Radio). On the other hand, we need crude oil to go about our everyday lives in producing all the cars, clothes, skin products, tables etc. e should drill enough amounts to meet our day-to-day activities and a little excess just incase, so that we don’t have to completely rely on the Middle East and everywhere else we import oil from. This will help improve our economy by lowering the price of oil, which in essence is what we all want. Offshore drilling of oil is not free of environmental cases too. USA produces 9% of the world’s crude oil and uses 25% of the world’s oil production, meaning that the United stated is using more crude oil that they produce.

Which cannot be good for the economy and the country. USA gets about 93% of its power from using fossil fuels and about 39% from crude oil. The demand for crude oil is growing everyday as the country becomes much more industrious as the years go by (Environmental Science P. 301-302). In place of crude oil, there are other cleaner and less harmful energy resources. Solar Energy is another danger free energy resources, which comes from the fusion power of the core of the sun and can be totally trusted without a doubt.

This form of energy can be converted into different forms of energy mainly electrical energy using mirrors or boilers. Wind Power is another form of renewable energy that can be used to pump water and generate electricity; it requires a large areal coverage for the machine to reach its full potential. Hydroelectric Energy is another renewable energy source but non-renewable in the sense that it uses the stored energy in the evaporated water caused by the sunlight but all the reservoirs eventually gets filled up and will need to be replaced which is expensive.

It’s currently being used in most parts of the developed world. Biomass is another energy form, which comes from plants. Now a days the energy is gotten from methane generation and producing alcohol for fueling electric power plants and automobile fuel (Alternative Energy). Lastly, if we were prudent with the manner in which we use crude oil, we would have fewer problems to worry about. If we find other means of clean renewable resources to be a good substitute for crude oil, we would be better off. There would be less damage to the ecosystem, wild life and the earth itself.

We wouldn’t have to destroy more trees in order to create space fro drilling of crude oil, we wouldn’t have to worry about oil spews into the ocean and spending billion of dollars trying to clean up the mess that might never really be gone. Work Cited Author: Steve Hargreaves Article Title: Energy prices on the rise again Journal Title: Hartford Business Date: January 30, 2013 Volume: – Issue: – Pages: – Title of page: When will oil run out? Title of site: Institute Of Mechanical Engineers Date of access: March 11, 2013 URL: http://www. imeche. rg/knowledge/themes/energy/energy-supply/fossil-energy/when-will-oil-run-out Title of Page: The Disadvantages of Oil Title of Site: Fossil Fuel Date of access: March 11, 2013 URL: http://fossil-fuel. co. uk/oil/the-disadvantages-of-oil Title of Page: What is Oil Energy, Uses of Oil Energy, Disadvantages of Oil Title of Site: Renewable Solar Energy Date of access: March 11, 2013 URL: http://renewable-solarenergy. com/oil-energy-uses-types. html Title of Page: Pros and Cons of Oil Drilling Title of Site: Buzzle Date of access: March 11, 2013 URL: http://www. buzzle. om/articles/pros-and-cons-of-oil-drilling. html Title of page: EPA orders Enbridge to dredge parts of the Kalamazoo River for submerged oil Title of site: Michigan Radio Date of access: March 20, 2013 URL: http://www. michiganradio. org/post/epa-orders-enbridge-dredge-parts-kalamazoo-river-submerged-oil Author: G. Tyler Miller, Jr. , Scott E. Spoolman. Title: Environmental Science City of Publication: Publisher: Cengage Learning Date: 2012 Title of page: Renewable Energy Title of site: Alternative Energy Date of access: March 24, 2013 URL: http://www. altenergy. org/renewables/renewables. html

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