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Money, money, money, either you’ve got it or you don’t. For college students, having money is vital to surviving college with the least amount of student loans or credit card debts. The only way to have the money for a college student to put themselves through college is either from parents or having a job or two, financial aid, scholarships or student loans. But how much money can a college student really ask their parents for, or work to have money, receive through financial aid, get through scholarships, or ask for student loans? The CSU budget cuts that are rumored to possibly take place are strongly opposed by college students and even the faculty. If the CSU budget cuts are carried out then that means the college students will not receive enough financial aid and potential students will not get admission. If the CSU budget cuts happen there will be fewer classes and teachers, which can affect the faculty to lose their jobs.

The article used for supporting the CSU budget cuts is called, “Governor plans $312.9 million CSU budget cut” (Calvillo and Daley, 2008). Arnold Schwarzenegger’s plan is to take away $312.9 million of funding from the California State Universities for the years of 2008-2009, which is his budget cut proposal. Now at first it may seem as though this article is opposing the CSU budget cuts, but if you read it, it actually talks about what the Governor on California, Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to happen and why. The article talks about how the 23 CSU campuses receive funding depending on the enrollment of the students. Arnold Schwarzenegger says that, “I understand how difficult (the cuts) will be for many people, but we need to be fiscally responsible and spend only the money we have” (Calvillo and Daley, 2008). This article does have some parts where it opposes the CSU budget cuts.
In this articles when Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about how he understands the hoe difficult the budget cuts will be, he is using the.

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