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Transport and Tourism Industries Analysis

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    Transport and tourism are intertwined in that transport remains an integral part of tourism. However, transport can be discussed without taking tourism into consideration but it’s clear that tourism cannot thrive without travel. Transport is connected to many recreational behaviors, both as an aid of travel to recreational opportunities and as recreational activity in its way It observed that transport plays a great role in promoting development of tourism. Improvement or modernization of transport or deterioration of the same has a direct impact to tourism.

    Improvement ND introduction of new modes of transport has greatly influenced tourism positively. Tourism tends to do better in places where transport systems are well developed. Transport links the origin of tourists and the destinations. It therefore directly fulfills needs for mobility by moving people, information and freight between these places. Commonly used transport modes used by tourists are airplanes, trains, water transport and the use of vehicles. Car travel is the most dominant one in tourism notably due to its flexibility, price and independence.

    With the availability of cars at even cheaper prices there will be an increase in availability of transport and hence growth and development of tourism. The cars made today are faster and more comfortable. This therefore makes tourists come in large amounts without any fear of means of transport. Introduction of trains has also helped greatly in developing tourism as the trains are comfortable to travel in especially in fairly long distances. The trains are also reliable and this positively contributes to tourism sector.

    Air transport is very effective in terms of speed. Due to increased number of working people and increased income per hose people, fairly a good number of people can now afford air transport. As a result of these improvements in transport systems, long distance journeys can now be made in a minimal time. Transport also is required in order to provide accessibility within a certain destination; for example from airport to hotel or from hotel to tourist attractions, and in case of a multiple destination trip, to link various destinations within the trip.

    Mostly, these distances are short and therefore the modes used here can either be car or train and sometimes if the distance is very small they can walk. Improvement of these modes of transport indicates that the country will be able to compete effectively for tourists with other countries. This therefore improves tourism in that country. Apart from moving tourists, transport also helps in moving other people who make tourism a success. Investors who put up businesses and hotels at destinations do it because of the confidence that they can get raw materials and other resources due to the good transport modes.

    They are also able to get skilled people from areas away from the destination as the can easily travel to and from the work place without any difficulty. Transport can also be used in giving information to tourists. Tour guides at destination areas gather information on the suitability and security of that destination and might decide to send one of them who travel to take that information to the tourists. This therefore brings about good management in tourism sector which in turn promotes tourism development. Tourists therefore get clear image of the place they are going to visit.

    People who research on tourism and how to improve it greatly help in promoting tourism development. For these researches to be a success, these people have to keep boning from one place to another so as to get more information. Transport therefore helps greatly in developing tourism in that it helps these researchers move to different areas where they learn more about developing tourism. Due to different means of transport, tourists can easily choose their best modes depending on the costs, distance to be traveled and comparability among other factors.

    This therefore helps in developing tourism as tourists feel they have the freedom and right to travel in the means of their choice. Introduction of new modes of transport has helped the tourists to access distant destinations. Air transport, for instance helps tourists to travel to places far from their origins. Also, water transport helps the tourists to access islands and places surrounding seas, oceans and other water bodies. This therefore helps greatly in promoting tourism development.

    New modes of transport have helped in encouraging mass travel. This therefore means that many tourists can be transported from origin to destinations and within the destinations all at once. This therefore helps in promoting tourism development. Also, the tourists are assured of good transport due to its reliability, safety and security. Tourists therefore do not fear as the transport facilities are reliable and safe. This motivates more tourists which in turn promote tourism development. Transport encourages mass domestic and international tourism.

    This happens since people are able to travel over either short or long distances and within short period of time. Tourists who travel for business matters can therefore travel easily over long distances, do their businesses and a short time they get back to their origins. Transport may also promote tourism development in that, new tourism products may be developed long the travel routes. This therefore means that more tourists will like to travel especially through such routes and this promotes tourism development in such areas and also in destinations.

    Tourism being dependent on travel services means that transport should be designed in a way to accommodate tourism considering that tourism is increasingly becoming a leading income generating activity for the Kenya government today. Failure of public sector to cope with demand concerning transport infrastructures may mean lack of tourism development in those areas. The government should decongest the ours traffic flow pathways like quick issuance of travel documents and quick clearance at the airport.

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