Cully & Sully Advertising Plan

Advertising Brief Company Background Cullen Allen and Colum O’Sullivan first launched their business Cully & Sully in 2004 with a line of ready-to-eat healthy pies. From their base in Cork, Ireland they have grown their business and increased their product range to comprise of soups, deserts and hot pot meals. They are a leading Irish start-up enterprise having been nominated for Ernest & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award. In this assignment we will seek to explore the launch of C&S food products in Spain. Project Aims:

C&S movement into the Spanish market. Create brand and product awareness amongst our chose target market and acquire new customers in Spain. Firmly establish C&S soup in customers’ “consideration sets” through effective brand management. Awareness through promotional activities. Build high customer lifetime value, essential to long term customer-retention. Educate Spanish people about the importance of healthy eating. Promotional activities pertaining to a range of vegetarian, glucose free, low salt foods. Target Market: [pic]

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Objectives Providing consumers with the quick, easy and tasty food they need, full of natural goodness and nutrition, but without all the preservatives and high salt levels of competitors. C&S aim to do so at affordable prices. C&S want to help us change our eating habits for the better. Raising awareness of, and interest in, the importance of healthy eating is a core value of their business. C&S utilize a market specialization strategy, aiming to meet different needs of their primary target market, the young, urban professional.

New “Hot Pots” provide a bigger, more filling meal, that sees the time window shift from an afternoon lunch to an evening meal, yet the fundamentals – quick, easy food that’s wholesome, healthy and great tasting – stay the same Main Message C&S aim to provide consumers with the quick tasty food they need, full of natural goodness and nutrition, but without all the preservatives and high salt levels of competitors at an affordable price The Medium C&S’s quirky and fun image can be seen in their packaging and award-winning website – with the use of engaging graphic design (Pride Design. ie).

On the website they offer free recipes and instructions for hundreds of dishes, all of which are tried and tested by the company themselves. On the website they use tracking software such as Google Analytics to track users. Social media is utilised cleverly by C&S, with active Facebook and Twitter accounts allowing direct interaction with customers. Social media interaction allows C&S to demonstrate their approachable and friendly ethos, as they respond to each and every comment or query online. The website also hosts a forum which offers potential for direct, one-on-one questions with C&S themselves.

C&S are also involved in promotion through charity work. (Continuous utilization of media in this way is suggested) Competition There are a few well established competitors. C&S have been combating this well in the Irish market, differentiating against typically strong supermarket chains based on quality and branding. They defend their market share through Michael Porter’s generic strategy of differentiation and unparalleled customer interaction. The Deadline C&S plan to launch their products on Spanish shelves beginning 05/09/12.

Following this initial launch, a six month promotional campaign takes place. Internet, video, radio, and media print will all be used in enhancing awareness of C&S products. Promotion through charity work and social media will also be utilized. Follow initial start up launch carried out in Ireland in 2004 – but on a larger scale. The Budget 3 million euros. The budget was allocated to the implementation and operation of the new business unit, as well as the creation, development and launch of the product. Responsible Parties Cullen Allen and Colum O’Sullivan

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