Give your opinion about the usage of the programming console program compared to cx-programmer - Cupcake introduction. CONSOLE PROGRAMMING * The advantage of a console application is that it is likely to be very small, and easy to understand . Console applications are typically used for system utilities . More than that it just program the console and run to PLC only . Console programming no need to connect to computer and no need to do any circuit ,we just entered the digit (input & output) then it will be appear to PLC when we turn on the switch or button to make sure the current can flow or not.

Then console programming have errors but not to many. CX-PROGRAMMER * When we are use cx- programmer we can easily to understand the technique. We can know how to create a circuit using this program and it can check if have any error. We also can see how current flow on circuit when we open the input and output in PLC. Using this program also take a time because we need to construct a leader diagram for every circuit and we take time to download the program before transfer to PLC. CONCLUSION Cx–programmer is a programming tool that used for creation, testing and maintenance for PLCs. It associated with OMRON PLCS such as CS/CJ Series ,CV Series ,C-series, CQ Series. It provides facilities for the support of PLC device and address information and for communications with OMRON PLCs and their supported network types. Cx-programmer software can be run in a Microsoft Windows environment (Microsoft Windows 95, 98 ,Me, 2000, XP and NT4. 0 with Service Pack 5 or later). There are several advantages programming using CX-Programmer compare with Console. CX-Programmer version 5. was used as main software not just to monitor the program of PLC, but also used for program editing, uploading and downloading program, network setting, and mode changes etc. Cx programming is easily achieve position control with wading through user manuals and also complete support for synchronous operations between units. Others than that it easier connection to PLCs. It just only download the program and data that we have been done in the leader diagram then after finished we can try to entered the input for the leader diagram then we can see the output appeared.

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Futhermore it batch backup/restore with the computer. Cx programmer is comprehensive programming environment while high program readability. The time required for onsite startup and debugging has been significantly reduced. REFERENCES * http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Console_application * http://www. puspatri. edu. my/index. php? option=com_content&view=article&id=147&Itemid=47 * http://ares-electricaleng. blogspot. com/2012/01/cx-programmer. html

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