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What Is The Most Fundamental Ethical Issue In Advertising

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Sac’s skilled and experience employees can help o develop your latest and newest technology project or upgrade your current system. It is our responsibility to maintain the satisfaction of our customers and to keep customers returning to your website and keeping the site current. SC have a precise and professional database team that can design and develop a database system to meet your needs with their expertise. We offer premier support services to our clients with our highly qualified programming employees to meet your programming needs.

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What Is The Most Fundamental Ethical Issue In Advertising
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About us: The web is the center piece of your growth strategy by automating sales, erring the cost of customer service, and enabling access to streamline business processes anytime, anywhere. Smith Systems Consulting have the technology, skills, and capabilities, to join in realizing your strategy, from concept to a fully functional website produced with cutting edge programming and networking tools. SC can help optimize operations through highly responsive support and high available maintenance service once your site is deployed.

We are your preferred partner when the goal is optimizing business results through high web market presence. SC services range from network design, network installation, database design, application support, application programming, website development, website maintenance, and web hosting. Smith Systems Consulting provides services to small and medium size business organization, large domestic, multinational and global corporations in a varied cross-section of industries. We also provide service to a number of government and not-for-profit organizations.

Our clients are highly satisfied in the Information Technology Services industry with overall satisfaction exceeding 98%. Admitting Smith Systems Consulting has been experiencing some moral and ethical issues. Currently SC have been accused of copying a website. McBride Financial Services have been loyal clients of SC since 1995. When SC first began, McBride Financial Services was one of few businesses that trusted us in developing their website. Also they gave us the opportunity to produce the first of many reliable databases for their company.

Landmark Financial Service is accusing Smith Systems Consulting of duplicating their website design and information. Landmark Financial Services came across www. McBrideFinanciaIServices. Org which looked suspiciously familiar. SC was then contacted my Landmark Financial Service lawyer with accusation of copying there entire web design and content. One of Sac’s top web designers just revamped McBride Financial Service website. He has an extensive background of web designing and databases. After the accusation was placed on SC a lawyer was hired to represent the company.

SC have copyright protection on the websites we build and the codes we use. It was disappointing to find out that a loyal employee comport used our company by popularizing someone else’s creative concept. In SC defensive they were not aware that their top web designers Were recreating others concepts. Not even days into the investigation an employee brought forth concerns about seeing other databases that look similar to the ones our company creates. Now SC have two issues on their hands, the copying of web designs and an employee whistle-blowing.

While under investigation the top web designer was place on unpaid leave. Further investigation revealed that majority of his web designs were popularized and now we have to make an ethical decision for the future of SC. SC noticed the web designs were not original and unique and they decided to terminate the employee and demand compensation. All duplicate web designs were disable and currently undergoing reconditioning. For protection in the near future all web designers must sign the code of ethics and a certificate of originality. All web designs will be paten and protected by copy rights.

Cite this What Is The Most Fundamental Ethical Issue In Advertising

What Is The Most Fundamental Ethical Issue In Advertising. (2018, Apr 22). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/current-ethical-issues-paper-3/

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