Impact of Amazon Drones on Human Life

Amazon Drones is relevant to me because I use Amazon a lot and I also happen to be very lazy and don’t like to wait. With Amazon drones instead of having to wait a couple days it would be easy as hitting a button and It being outside my door In a half an hour. This topic of Amazon Drones Is significant because It Is the future technology lots of us had seen coming is finally here but with It being here It’s now going to make a big Impact then everyone thought.

With drones now coming to be we have to worry hen other company’s get drones and then when the alarm space becomes crowded and what If then there’s collisions. Could It be a harm to us? Honestly we don’t know yet but well Just have to wait and see. Now a lot of people have mixed emotions on whether drones should be allowed. During testing sites of Amazon drone a lot of people were excited and happy to see the world advance but there were quite a few that weren’t and the few that weren’t decided to should the drones down and destroy them.

Majority of people would like to see this in their area soon but not because they want to see the world progress but because there lazy and don’t want to have to wait. Now historically this is a great progression for the world to see what we can do and how far wave come but what happens after this. Amazon drones has also inspired other companies to try this as well like a Chinese restaurant that is now delivering by drone rather than car. Will there be a day where I look up and find that I can barely see the sky because there’s drones everywhere?

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