Current Events in Business Research - Part 2

Business research begins as if you were starting an investigation - Current Events in Business Research introduction. First, you must decide exactly what you are attempting to look into, such as an outline of a specific business or industry. The next step is to start collecting data that will become helpful information for making business decisions. Then you must analyze the gathered information to see in what direction you will be heading. Then you have the summarizing and utilizing stage that leads to finalizing your investigation to put in place your reasoning and implementation for your overall idea (Cooper & Schindler, 2011).

While working at Technology Academy, I have observed many opportunities to better the program and the process to take in order for improvement. This business research process will be used to present an overview idea for Technology Academy’s new lunch program. The school wants to partnership with Fit Meals to provide healthier meals for the students. We share the same common goals as we look for wholesome, fresh cooked meals made from natural ingredients that encourage healthy eating for our students.

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First we had to set objectives and goal for the purpose of the proposal. The next step was to determine how the parents would feel about the transition, by sending out a survey. We were shocked to learn that many wished for a change long ago, so they agreed. Next was certainty that we would be feeding our students more nourishing meals, therefore we looked into the menus for all food ingredients and nutritional facts. We then collected data to do compassion on how much this transition would cost us annually. To our surprise, Fit Meals were actually less expensive. The final step is to prepare a presentation to show upper management for approval.

Throughout this process, we learned that managers should always strive to improve business. The research process helps with problem solving and quick decision-making. This helps the company to be long lasting and more successful.

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