Curry and Wheel Chair Essay

LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT IN HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE QFC| DIPLOMA| LEVEL 5| | | | LHS3 OUTCOME 1 2) analyse the potential effects of barriers to equality and inclusion in own area of responsibility: Once when I was working as a senior carer on shift, there was a music activity that was going to be held during the shift - Curry and Wheel Chair Essay introduction|| DIPLOMA| LEVEL 5| | | | LHS3 OUTCOME 1 2) analyse the potential effects of barriers to equality and inclusion in own area of responsibility: Once when I was working as a senior carer on shift, there was a music activity that was going to be held during the shift. The activity person was going to be playing English music due to the fact that he was an English musician himself. The potential effects of barriers to equality and inclusion were that there were a few Asians, who could not speak English or understand.

What I had thought of was emptying the smoke lounge and putting some Indian music on for the Asian individuals. By promoting this I was not letting the Asian individuals feel left out. There were a couple of non-Asian individuals who wanted to join in also listening to the same Indian music. That was a factor showing that equality and inclusion were being involved in this activity. I had thought of having a staff meeting to encourage the other carers to put on the Asian radio stations to promote equality, and also to putting on some tv soap serials that were Asian.

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This way equality was being promoted on a daily basis 3) analyse the impact of legislation and policy initiatives on the promotion of equality diversity and inclusion in own area of responsibility: Once during shift whilst carrying my duties being the senior it was tea time. During tea time everyone was served in the dining room. That day we had a new individual who was hoisted and assisted in a wheel chair. The individual refused to go in the dining room. When asked he would not respond to what was being asked? The carers were confused as to what to do.

I remember whilst reading this individuals care plan that this individual was ashamed of being assisted in a wheel chair due to the fact that this individual was a soldier and was very independent. To put the legislation on the promotion of equality diversity I had a chat with individual myself. I explained to him that there was nothing he should be ashamed of, and that there was no need to be hesitant going in the dining room due to him being wheelchair bound. I showed him other individuals who were wheel chair assisted also, and how everybody just got on. OUTCOME 3

1) analyse how systems and processes can promote equality and inclusion or reinforce discrimination and exclusion. Whilst being the senior carer once I was planning a trip to dine out with residents in the home. During planning I held a meeting with all the residents to ask who would like to come, when would they want to go, and where. In the meeting there were 15 residents who wanted to tell them that I had an idea of having a barbeque party in the back with a pub/Thai theme combo. I explained to the residents if that was ok with them also, they loved the idea.

I thought by doing this activity I am promoting equality, diversity and inclusion. That was because now instead of having 15 individuals who wanted to go, now everyone was involved so no one was being left out. We had halal meat, pub style food, Thai cuisine and great weather with great time goes, a few wanted to go to a pub, and a few wanted to go to a Thai restaurant. They all had agreed to go on the same day. There were a few individuals who were Asians, and a few that were wheel chair assisted.

The problem was that the pub had no access for wheelchairs, and the Thai restaurant had no Halal meat served which was the meat preferred by Muslim individuals. I asked the individuals for some time to get back to them. I held a meeting with the carers and explained the scenario. I came out with an idea of having a barbeque party with pub/ Thai theme. This way both ideas and preferences were being involved. When informing the individuals of this idea they all loved it. Individuals who did not want to go out were excited also since it was in the home’s back garden.

Everyone agreed on a day and everything was finalized with individuals and carers involved. The barbeque was an excellent idea due to having everyone involved no matter if needed hoist or when wheelchair. Food preference was involved and equality on what time of games and music was promoted also. Top of FormLHS3 OUTCOME 3 2)      evaluate the effectiveness of systems and processes in promoting equality, diversity and inclusion in own area of responsibility: Once I was a senior during a shift that needed the menu for the next day to be done.

On the menu was beef shanks and pasta. There were a couple of Asians who were upset with the food preference. They wanted some kind of curry. To handle this situation without letting it exaggerate I asked the chef if there was some halal chicken, and some curry paste. The chef said we have both of these ingredients. So I showed the chef this pasta dish that was a twist of Indian and Italian. I cooked the chicken in the curry paste added a few spices which were tolerable for the individuals, and made chicken curry pasta. I took a few samples and had individuals taste them.

Most of the Asian individuals were pleased with the dish; surprisingly few of non-Asian individuals wanted this also. This was a way to show how equality and diversity can work out to very effective in your own w Bottom of Form | H| | LHS4 Outcome1 Analyse how policies, procedures and practices in own setting meet health safety risk management. Address primarily to owners and managers, with instructive guidance also for employee and safety representative. Designed to enable them to better understanding and meet their duties, Under health and safety legislation.

Owners and superuisory staff are informed of their responsibilities to ensure they take all reasonable precaution, to ensure health safety and welfare of those are likely to be affected by undertaking . I was told by my manger that a girl is pregnant and she will be working as a care worker on shift. I must be aware of her manual handling. As a senior member on shift it was my duties to give her specific responsibility for her area of work. * Risk assessments are important for us in the home to read and understand Bottom of Form | |

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