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Customer and Burberry

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Burberry Positioning: After fixing the brand image, Burberry positioning in the market is to provide high quality and fashionable products such as clothing and accessories to high-end customers through retail stores. The brand is recognized by customers through its check design that immediately distinguishes the brand from other competitors in the industry. Customers perceive the brand as an icon that reflects fashion but at the same time it reflects luxury and classiness. Burberry targets different types of customers.

There are the core customers, which were part of the customer base that Burberry targeted it before it was reposition.

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Customer and Burberry
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After repositioning it self, Burberry attracted a new niche of customers that are the more fashion-conscious. Burberry also targets high-end retail and department stores that can sell Burberry products and still maintain that exclusiveness that was rebuilt after the company repositioned it self. Entities: The core customers that have being with Burberry before the repositioning are men and women that are in the age range of the forty’s and above.

These customers are the ones that like the more classical items such as the trench coats. The more fashion-conscious, clientele are younger man and women that are in the mid twenty’s to the late thirty’s. Also Burberry continues to target the high-end retail and department stores that. The proposed entities are to target a younger generation of customers and retain the ones that are currently customers by creating more innovated products that are fashionable and yet luxurious.

Missions: The current mission of Burberry is to satisfy customers needs and tastes by continuing to provide high quality and fashionable products that can satisfy the current customers and prospective customers within the niche that Burberry is currently targeting. The prospective mission of Burberry is to maintain the image that they have worked so hard to rebuilt and maintain the consistent image brand as part of its long-term strategy. Consumer Behavior:

The Burberry client is highly influenced by quality, design and fabric when purchasing a product from the variety of products Burberry has to offer. Among the main influences of the Burberry client is the famous check that produces a great amount of Burberry’s sales. Other Major Issue: Burberry should try to maintain its exclusiveness by keeping few channels of distributions. It should definitely try to obtain all the licenses that were given to other entities before the repositioning of the brand, so that the brand can maintain its exclusiveness.

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