Customer Service in New World Department Store China Limited, Hong Kong Essay

New World Department Store China Limited is based on Hong Kong’s well-known enterprises, mainly core business property, telecommunications, etc - Customer Service in New World Department Store China Limited, Hong Kong Essay introduction. Sound finances, diversified business portfolio, since the business strategy, make the new world group is becoming more power, big business is very important for Hong Kong.

New world group active in the mainland property management, housing projects, reconstruction of old city, land, infrastructure, hotels, industrial investment development, department stores, and many other industries, Beijing, Shanghai, tianjin, guangzhou, wuhan, nanjing, dalian, shenyang, Harbin, xi ‘an, wuxi and other dozens of large and medium-sized cities have left the footprint of the new world group. In 1993 entered the Chinese market. According to the market situation and personality advantages, New World Department Store China Limited decides the route of high-grade market positioning of itself.

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Customer Service in New World Department Store China Limited, Hong Kong
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Therefore, elegant, fashionable middle-aged and young gens become the main target customers of New World Department Store China Limited. New world department store on the consumption characteristics of different cities and different market strategies. From decorate a style, store layout, to the goods display, product combination, to the sales promotion, customer service; From the appearance to the connotation; From visual to feeling, hearing, smell, even a tiny point, are sure to make customers enjoy the shopping fun.

New world department store is recognized as China’s most influential, benefits the best fashionable city department store chain. The advantages of the new world department store is in supermarkets and department stores, supermarkets and department stores in China investment industry very early, its stores in major cities throughout China and are popular approval. And with the development of science and technology, also opened a online business, committed to build domestic consumers preferred “one-stop” shopping platform, provides the high quality and diversified products, to absorb more online consumers.

For the convenience of citizens who “one-stop” shopping, new world department store AD hoc supermarket sales department, dedicated to supporting department stores and supermarkets around the business. “New world supermarket” in addition to provide customers with more comprehensive, more complete, more choices of daily necessities, provides convenience services such as dry cleaning shop, photo print, etc. , make sure the customer into our supermarket can satisfy. Reference: http://www. nwds. com. hk/html/eng/company/structure. aspx

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