The knowledge of an organization’s product and services Essay

Making calls to clients who have filled a trouble ticket based on an issue they are facing. A Customer representative must be proactive in responding and handling to different queries of the customers. Within the working hours, Customer representative must be available to respond to each and every customer’s calls. He or she must be fully aware of the company’s policies and procedures on the behalf of products and services. Job duties The job duties of a call center agent include the following: 1 . Attending phone calls of the customers 2.

Anticipating problems and needs of the customers 3. Should be able to maintain the balance in between a customers requirements and business 4. Able to handle calls in a pressure environment 5. Be able to maintain confidentiality of the valuable information 6. Should be capable of handling issues and complaints with providing solutions to the customers 7. Should be fully aware of information related to the product or services of the organization 8. Should have a calm voice tone 9. Possesses good efficiency in the transaction processing 10. Good interpersonal skills Skills

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The knowledge of an organization’s product and services
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Thus, customer representatives require various skills in order to ensure that they can handle their task quite efficiently in high pressure environments. Must be self-motivated Must be aware of how to approach new potential customers Excellent communication skills Always provide information in an efficient and accurate manner Must be aware of every aspect related to the organization in terms of processes, products and services and policy procedures. Efficient enough to manage heavy calls flow Work environment The Customer representative needs to work in different shifts with having efferent timings.

However, working hours might be varying in regards to different shifts. The Customer representative need to sit in the front of computer screens for long hours, so they might be getting tired. Sometimes they need to sit for long hours due to the work load or some special requirement. The Customer representative needs to manage their interpersonal wellness. Customer representative must follow the security procedures and policies. Qualifications A Customer representative should have the knowledge of an organization’s product and services.

For this purpose, he or she must have a past experience of working as a Customer representative as well as proper training is needed to provide up-to-date information regarding products and services. Customer representative needs to play the role of telemarketer in an extremely indirect way. They basic requirement for a customer representative is to have a high school certificate or a 8TH. Additional communication and interpersonal skills are considered as an extra edge.

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