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Customers Satisfaction Essay

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This document describes the methods for measuring, monitoring and interpreting customer perception information to determine whether [Your Company] is meeting customer requirements. [Your Company] recognizes that the customer feedback process has important links and interfaces between other QMS process that include, but are not limited to those listed below. ? ? ? ? 7. 2. 3 Customer Communication 7. 3. 6 Design & Development Validation 7. 3. 7 Design & Development Changes 7. 5. 2 Process Validation 2. References Reference 8. 2. F017-1 F017-2 Title & Description Quality System Manual Customer Satisfaction Survey Customer Complaint Log 3. Terms & Definitions Term Customer Satisfaction Customer Specification ISO Clause 3.

1. 4 3. 3. 5 3. 7. 3 Definition The customer’s perception of the degree to which their requirements have been fulfilled An organization or person that receives a product Document stating requirements 4. Application & Scope The scope of this procedure is to assess the level of customer satisfaction by obtaining input from various sources defined herein.

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Customers Satisfaction
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Trends and key indicators of satisfaction will be captured and benchmarked. Customer satisfaction information will be obtained from customer feedback and by analyzing customer responses to: ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Product returns and warranty claims Repeat customers and market share Analysis of customer complaints and customer satisfaction surveys Recognition and awards Growth of key accounts Analysis of credit notes On-time delivery Document No: Page 4 of 8 Company Name/Logo P017 Customer Satisfaction Procedure

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