D.T Perfume Bottle Specificaation

Self-Review of Bottle and Packaging Design1| StrengthThe strength of design of is that it is very ergonomic and colourful design - D.T Perfume Bottle Specificaation introduction|| StrengthThe strength of design of is that it is very ergonomic and colourful design. An advantage is that it has is curved edges so it is easier to hold also it has a toughened base to support the bottle | weaknessesThe design of the bottle is a quite large in terms of size also there are too many extra parts around the bottle which can which can cause difficulty to hold| Area of developmentTo improve the theme of the bottle as the colours do not support males and females as the theme looks more targeted at children as said by my user feedback. 2| The strength of this design is that it is pocket sized as well as that it has toughened base which supports the bottle and the theme suits the specification also the lid is plastic. | The writing on the perfume bottle is not attractive which is against the specification. Also the sustainability of the bottle as it is made from glass and therefore it is also non-recyclable| The area of development for this particular bottle is to make sure that have been spotted to improve at meet the specification general need e. . recycablity and sustainability| 4| The strengths of this design is that the theme is met to specification needs as well as having a toughened base . it also a very vibrant and ergonomic design as well as that the shape is unique and the lid is thermo seta plastic it also has plastic curved edges so that it is easier to hold.

The sustainability is good as well as the recaybality as it does have a negative impact on the environment The other parts of design are made out a transparent sheet of plastic| The weaknesses of this design are that the lid has sharp edges which can hazardous to the customer also the design does not look grip able as majority of my user feedback have said. | To improve the sharp edges and to also make the design more easier to hold. 5| This last bottle design is a popular choice from my user feedback group as it is an ergonomic design which has meet the needs of my specification as it appeals to both males and females . Also it meets the environmental impact as there no harm done to the environment. | The only weakness from this is that there are sharp hazardous egdes which my user feedback group were concerned about as well as myself. | To improve the sharp hazardous edges on the design. |

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