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da cac card is important

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Items that you need to bring: failure to have any of these may result in disqualification from surgery.
* Military ID CAC
* Glasses you currently wear
* Copy of your DA31 We will provide a packet with a copy of this information sheet as well as:* NCA consult with Commander’s signature
* Pre-Op questionnaire packet
* Enrollment formsTransportation- only restrictions are you do not drive or fly back to Ft Drum and you do not drive to and from appts while at FBCH.

However you choose to travel is your responsibility.Lodging is arranged by you.Upon arrival Tuesday morning for Pre-Op testing, make sure the rest of your packet is filled out and you wear/have your glasses with you.Uniform is civilian clothes for the duration of your trip. This includes clean jeans/slacks and sleeved shirts. Remember you are representing Ft Drum and the 10th Mountain Division. Do not wear inappropriate clothing with derogatory words or pictures.

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da cac card is important
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Please ensure your conduct reflects the high standards of the 10th Mtn Div.
ITINERARY: Before leaving the hospital, verify times for your next visit. Dr Schedules
Sometimes change.
23 MAR 15 Travel to your place of lodging. Please let POC know by text when you have arrived to your destination 315-405-5526.
24 MAR 15 0700-1015 start time for Pre op refractive surgery center in the Meadows(green) building 2nd floor, reception 3, you will pick up meds this day also. 1200 Counseling with the Surgeon in afternoon.
25 MAR 15 Day off, unless additional testing is needed, or Dr schedule change
26 MAR 15 0730 – Surgery – you will be uncomfortable after surgery and the next day. So, plan on resting as much as possible so your body can heal. For pain comfort and recovery, only take the medications that staff instructs you to take. DO NOT take any other over the counter medications for pain. You will be unable to drive locally for a minimum of 2 days, long…

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