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Dangerous activities such as rock climbing and motor-racing



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    People should be allowed to choose what they want to do, whether it is taking part in dangerous activities or a career, every choice that us human beings have should be up to us and us alone.Rock climbing and many other dangerous sports are very useful and not just pointless, these sports can also be skills and can often be used to save your own life and help others.

    For example if you can climb well then you could possibly save someone if they are trapped below a cliff.Many people say these activities are not safe and can kill, however it is usually people who are not sensible and mature who end up injuring themseleves during the activity. These activities are usually very safe and people who take part in these activites have to receive training first and have a safety talk and usually pass a test to make sure they are able to do the activity without hurting themselves or others.These extreme sports have actually been proven to benefit the average human being, it has been shown that extreme sports are a better way of exercise than normal sports, for example, rock climbing is much better for your body than playing football.

    Extreme sports not only benefit your body, but your mind as well, people are able to think more clearly and precise after they have taken part in an extreme sport, as it ‘wakes you up.’Extreme sports are also a great source of income, the training costs as well as the equipment, and possibly the experience as well. For example sky diving, you would need: Training to know how to do the sport properly, the equipment which consists of parachutes, helmets ect and the rental of the plane. These costs help either maintain a tourist area or help towards the country becoming economically more developed.

    These sports are also great for culture, they not only bring tourism but can also be an important part of the country itself – like bullfighting is important for Portugal and Spain.You might say that this sport could cause death and injury, so people should never be allowed to take part in it. Well I am going to tell you that these ‘dangerous activites’ the safest activites out there. Anything can be potentially dangerous, do we ban people from playing football or rugby? No, so we shouldn’t stop people from taking part in extreme sports.

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