Data Set and Senior Management Team

University of Phoenix Material Ballard Integrated Managed Services, Inc - Data Set and Senior Management Team introduction. , Part 2 The initial survey effort led by Debbie Horner, HR manager of Ballard Integrated Managed Services, Inc. (BIMS), did not produce useful findings. The survey had several flaws that made the majority of the results questionable. Some items were biased. A few questions were worded awkwardly, likely affecting the response. Some of the information needed was not asked, further reducing the value of the effort.

Additionally, the data entry typist and general office support person made a number of errors when keying the data into the spreadsheet, compounding the poor results. In hindsight, Debbie suggested that she should have pretested the sample instrument before issuing it to the workforce. Such a step would have likely revealed many of these problems. Further, to improve the 17. 3% response rate, she should have taken different steps to encourage employee participation. Just inserting it into the payroll process did not inform employees sufficiently about the purpose and sponsor of the survey.

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Advance information to explain the need for gathering their views, as well as reassurances about confidentiality and anonymity, plus descriptions of how the information would be used are among the many steps that Debbie might have taken to increase the response rate. Knowing that Barbara Tucker, general manager of the BIMS operation at the Douglas Medical Center, and the rest of the top management team were disappointed in the findings, Debbie proposed that she create a second, improved survey effort that was better planned and marketed.

Although somewhat reluctant to authorize the effort for fear of creating more damage, Barbara approved the request. She felt the need to understand the current employee dissatisfaction and increased turnover rate was urgent and thus merited the continued effort. Learning from the initial effort, Debbie designed another survey instrument. This time she circulated it among the senior management team, inviting each person to complete the survey, reading for comprehension and flow of the actual wording, as well as for completeness.

A number of suggestions were made in terms of question phrasing as well as about adding new items. These ideas were incorporated into the survey design. The revised instrument was again circulated among the same group of senior managers. The group’s consensus was that the revised instrument was complete and ready to administer. To ensure the instrument was easily understood from the employee perspective, Debbie solicited five craft workers to voluntarily pretest it as well.

These five were all on noncritical medical leave, so they were able to comfortably conduct the review. Additionally, as they were currently on leave, none would be in the actual surveyed population when the study instrument was issued later that month. Each of the five had minor phrasing suggestions that Debbie incorporated. Finally, Debbie sent this last version to the senior management team for final review. It was approved unanimously (see Exhibit C for this second data collection instrument). Then, Debbie had a sudden thought.

Why interview current employees about why they might quit and about their level of satisfaction? Perhaps she should be surveying those that had already left the organization. By asking them, “Why? ” she might learn more about who would quit in the future. She might be able to develop a model for predicting voluntary terminations. This indeed would be an important contribution to the company. With this in mind, Debbie decided that her next study population would be those who voluntarily left their employment with BIMS.

Given the higher than normal, and unfortunate, turnover rate, Debbie was certain that she would be able to collect the data over the next 2 to 3 months. She would ask those departing to complete the survey during their exit interview with her office. Usually the exit interview was conducted by the immediate supervisor, but given the nature of this effort, Debbie felt that her staff should assume that responsibility on a temporary basis—just for the few months that were required to accumulate 75 to 80 completed surveys.

After that time, the task of conducting the exit interview would revert to the immediate supervisor. Debbie’s goal was to use the data to create a regression statement that could be used to predict future resignations. She also intended to use the information to identify the areas of greatest concern to the resigning employees; therefore, both descriptive statistics and frequencies were to be calculated. As the goal was to reduce employee turnover and improve morale, these key areas would become the center of attention for future internal HR development programs.

Once again, Barbara Tucker has asked your Learning Team to act as consultants who analyze and interpret this second set of data. As described by Debbie, the intent is to increase senior management’s understanding of the sources of employee dissatisfaction and to possibly create a model that predicts employee resignation. As before, Barbara asks that your team prepare a 1,050- to 1,750-word written report along with a 7- to 9-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation for the senior management team that presents your findings (see Exhibit D for the data set of this second survey).

Exhibit C BIMS Exit Interview Survey Using the scale provided, record your answer by circling the number that is closest to your view where 5 is a very positive response (you strongly agree with the statement) and 1 is a very negative choice (you do not agree at all with the statement). Do Not Agree Neutral Strongly Agree 1. You are well trained for your work. 2. The company provided the needed training. 3. You were fairly paid for the work you did. 4. You were given as many hours that you desired. 5. Your supervisor treated you fairly.

6. Your manager treated your division fairly. 7. The company is good at communicating. 8. Your job was secure. 9. You liked working at this location. 10. Getting to and from work was easy. 11. What was the PRIMARY reason that led you to decide to quit? (Select only one. ) A. In which division did you work? B. How long have you worked for BIMS? C. What is your gender? | 1 2 3 4 51 2 3 4 51 2 3 4 51 2 3 4 51 2 3 4 51 2 3 4 51 2 3 4 51 2 3 4 51 2 3 4 51 2 3 4 5 A. I do not like the work. B.

I do not like my supervisor. C. I am not satisfied with the pay. D. I am not satisfied with my shift. E. Other: ____________________Food: _ Housekeeping: _ Maintenance: _Years: _____ Months: _____Female: _____ Male: _____| Exhibit D Survey B Data Set No. Q1Q2Q3Q4Q5Q6Q7Q8Q9Q10Q11ABC 1335513432223142 223435244251161 3222213111122222 4421335513432182 533323435244232 632331241213151 753134521422172 843435412251232 923522235345312 1012234345514151 1133412234352262 1231213534342122 13113232123311141 144233544123321011 15535155533523152 16215445234412452

1743352412122141 1822345214223282 1933124122532112 2042252353432222 2125533455111142 2224122343541341 2352142445252262 24412252122212252 2523534314441381 2634551223222161 2723435553333272 2813445515343292 294224124422211871 30223244221521112 3133222331443252 3233551343212192 3323435244212371 3425512431222282 35354532543511102 36224551451131131 3724224342342252 3833244324221121 39533321223322152 4045132433223152 41441535142332132 4222241212312281 43215214252111612 4433412254422182 45132353412532122 461134551343222711 47242343524421132

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