David J. Roberts Personal Experience Essay

Personal Experience Essay This past summer I participated in a group known as the Mississippi Baptist AllState Youth Choir and Orchestra - David J. Roberts Personal Experience Essay introduction. It consisted of an over 150-member choir and a full orchestra made up entirely of ninth through twelfth grade church going students from all over the state of Mississippi. It is meant to strengthen these students musically, as well as spiritually. Not only did I meet many new people and make many new friends, I had a few new experiences and new emotions that came with them.

It was the first time I had sung with a large choir, the first time I had performed with a full orchestra and when I had chosen my career as a minister of music. I have sung in other choirs before (small ensembles, church choirs), but none of those compared with this one. This choir was comprised of young men and women my age that were personally auditioned and chosen based on ability and high standards. If that were not enough, there were over 150 of us. We sang advanced level works: some traditional, some contemporary. We even sang one piece that was Latin. This was a very encouraging part of the whole experience for me.

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I had never considered myself a good singer before this. However, after singing alongside these wonderful, talented singers who were deemed my peers, I now feel more confident in my singing ability and sing more often than I used to. It had always been a personal goal of mine to play in a full symphony orchestra, which is comprised of string, wind and percussion instruments. Playing in concert bands and chamber groups was never enough. Needless to say, my goal was achieved when I joined this orchestra. There were strings, woodwinds, keyboards, percussion, and of David J. Roberts Personal Experience Essay ourse brasses, where I was the principle tuba player. My part in this gave me a sense of pride. Traditionally, a symphony orchestra requires only one tuba player, making the need for them infrequent. It made me feel like my part was important but also made me feel the orchestra in its entirety was more important. Finally, the most important part of this experience; the decision to become a minister of music. Specifically, I decided to become a minister of instrumental music. Church music was an important part of my life, but I wanted it to become a more important one. I wanted it to be my career.

I originally wanted to be a band director. This was due to my love of instrumental music. But during the youth choir and orchestra experience, my mind was changed. It was not until I came home that I let others know my decision. All my friends and family supported my decision and were happy for me. In conclusion, the Mississippi Baptist All-State Youth Choir and Orchestra was unquestionably the most important personal experience of my life. It gave me musical experience, both vocal and instrumental, and gave me a reason for an important career change. This experience undoubtedly changed my life and shaped my future.

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