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David Mccullough Book Summary

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Finally the author, David McCullough, Of the book as many Other works and experiences that tell the reader why and how 1776 is such a credible source as well as expertly written. 1776 gives an expertly written view by David McCullough and a historical accurate account of The American Revolution’s battles and skirmishes. The many features, trends, themes, and characteristics are repeated, but only one of two of each really stood out and helped lift up the book. One feature of the book was that the major events were not leaped to skipping the transition stage.

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David Mccullough Book Summary
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The minor events and transitions between, after, and before the battles ere not left out or sacrificed in detail, The book made the reader feel as if you were one of the every changing number tot soldiers. The important trend happens to he mentioned almost after almost every battle was the mentioning of the state of Washington and what the rest of the counties opinion incorporated as well.

A theme that was strongly backed by David McCullough was that George Washington was not a brilliant strategist or was he a without blunders and mistakes, but he had perseverance and showed that he learned from experience.

Finally he gave a spirit to the army and was the difference in victory and defeat. Lastly, two characteristics of the book stood out the most. First the amount of detail was wonderful and made the reader become engulfed in the time period. Also the Story was not only told from America’s point Of view, but also told in the British point of view. The literary element such as features, trends, themes, and characteristics were a part Of the book that help make the book a wonderful teaching. 1776 started off in Britain, giving a background of King George Ill and the start of the war. Then the book moved to the Siege of Boston in America.

In the siege f Boston an account of both militaries moves and living routines were given leading up to the Continental Army taking Dorchester Heights. This forced the British to evacuate because Washington had sent for cannons and on Dorchester heights was close enough for deadly fire on Boston. From Boston, Washington left a small group, but the rest tot his troops moved to New York; which was the British next target, At New York the battle of Brooklyn was disastrous for the Continental Army. Afterwards the British moved ships into the Hudson and unleashed the remainder of Washington’s troops who had yet to retreat.

When they fled to New Jersey the Continental Army was once again bested. Soon after a brutal loss at Fort Washington was inflicted. Thousands of troops were captured because there were too many in the fort to defend effectively when they had to fallback. Finally Washington made a brilliant strike in the Battle Trenton that gave the Continental Army the momentum it so dearly needed. David McCullough is a well experienced Author With titles such as John Adams, Truman, The Johnstown Flood, The Great Bridge, The Path be,even the Seas, Mornings on Horseback, and Brave Companions.

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