The psychology of diversity beyond prejudice and racism Essay

What is it? According to the Oxford dictionary it means ‘preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience’. This could be said to be as racism. But what demonstrates how prejudice was big in the book ‘Deadly Anna? ‘ By Phillip Gwynne. Racism and prejudice shouldn’t have occurred, even in their time, it shouldn’t have happened.

Racism is a bad experience for all, even in the book which is based around prejudice… But how is this book revolved around prejudice? Some reasons of this are because the white people don’t like the darker people because they look different from the ‘normal’ (the white people).

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The psychology of diversity beyond prejudice and racism
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But the white people are not good as they seem to be, they all think the same, it’s small town mentality. But mainly is racism, it is the worst thing to ever be created, but people take racism as a joke!!!

Bongs pips off” is a way of racism and prejudice because it was spray painted in a public place and no one odd anything about it.

But Blackly went to go cover it up with his brothers and sisters. They each took one letter and painted over it. This act shows that not all white people in this time were racist and prejudice. “No way. Not him. Hate his guts. ” was said by Blackly talking about Dumb Red because Blackly didn’t like Dumb because of his color and background UT turns out to like him after all when Blackly gets to know Dumb Red. Yeah Greg, do as your heart tells you. ” was a quote from ‘The Brady Bunch’ that Blackly was watching on the day of Dumb Red’s funeral and he went to it because he actually cared for Dumb and he didn’t deserve to die, Dumb Red died due to racism and prejudice. Deadly Anna? Was a book about prejudice and a lot about racism, but we could avoid all of it if we try not to be rude to people because they have a different skin color than you!!

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