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Dealing with Inappropriate Behaviour Essays

It is lining up time for assembly and in her haste to be at the front of the line, you observe a Y1 girl knock over and hurt another little girl in her class. In this situation I would explain to her that this is inacceptable behaviour and that she should apologize. I would also tell her that she would now need to go to the back of the line as a result of her behaviour. I would also explain the class rules to her about her future conduct. Scenario 2

Some books have been left out on the carpet and as the children are gathering for registration you observe a child just about to step on one. I would ask them if they were just about to pick it up for me. Also I would ask them to watch where they are treading. Then I would thank them for their kindness and being very helpful and then give them a merit point. Scenario 3 You are working with a group of four Y2 pupils on a literacy task. One of the girls’ in the group keeps interrupting and is not listening and is beginning to disrupt the rest of the group.

I would start by making sure that she knew how rude it was to interrupt whilst someone is talking so she would maybe think about it more in future. If this didn’t work I would then make the child sit next to me to make sure the other children can concentrate on the task they’ve been set. Behaviour problems that should be referred to others Many behaviour problems can be solved by a teaching assistant but sometimes the more serious problems need to be reported on to people higher up in the school system.

These include; Hearing a child saying something about another person’s race. which you would at first report it to the teacher, then the head and if necessary you would phone their parents. Verbal abuse to another person. First this would be reported to the teacher then the head and if necessary the parents of the child. Stealing. Report to the teacher and head and also let the parents know. Dependent on the severity and the age of the child and how often this seems to be happening you would call the police. Truancy.

This would be referred to the head who intern would contact the parents. Dependent on how often this is happening the welfare officer would be called in. Drug/alcohol abuse. You would at first inform the teacher then the head and their parents would be contacted. Also the police would probably be informed when it was drug abuse. Aggressive behaviour/fighting. At first you would inform the teacher and then the head also the parents would have to be contacted as well. Dependent on the severity the police would also be contacted.

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