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Dear Hiring Officer:

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Dear Hiring Officer
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I am excited about the available Echo Technologist position at LDS Hospital, because I was an Echo student at this organization in 2006 - Dear Hiring Officer Essay introduction. Not only was I impressed with the professionalism and extent and magnitude of patient care provided at LDS Hospital, but I also learned a substantial amount in my field. I am anxious to return.


During the past 14 months, I have worked at the Heart and Lung Institute of Utah and was recently laid off in a company downsizing, freeing me to accept another exciting and productive position. I find echocardiography fascinating as a whole and enjoy continually learning valuable information and skills that will better serve the patient and the industry.


I am a hard worker, self-motivated, organized, and enjoying multi-tasking and learning new procedures. As an excellent healthcare giver, I am patient, compassionate, and enjoy working on a team and sharing techniques and information. Working in a stimulating, meaningful, and patient-focused environment is my dream job. LDS Hospital and Intermountain Medical Center provide just such opportunities that I am anxious to acquire and excel in performing.


My three years in professional healthcare have been a realized dream. My favorite aspect of this work is face-to-face patient service. I feel that the Healthcare Industry is a positive environment that allows continual growth for the individual and the organization. In addition to my experience in Echo technology and patient care, I have successful experience in data entry, scheduling, using multi-line phone systems, and assisting people with a variety of needs and concerns.


I am confident that I can contribute to your organization’s continued and increasing success in the future. Thoroughly committed to my work, productive, and a quick study as well as responsive to supervisor critique, I want to discuss this opportunity with you, face to face.


Please call or email me in order to set up a personal interview. I look forward to hearing from you very soon and thank you for your time and consideration.






Meredith Box





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