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Dear Mr. Markowitz

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I hope you had a neato holiday, and a well deserved break from all ofus. I wont ramble on about my vacation seeing as I don’t have much time to,(I’m typing this up on my cousins computer, and I doubt she’ll appreciateme spending time writing a letter to my teacher rather than hanging outwith her. By the way, we climbed a mango tree yesterday. I haven’t climbedmango trees for ages and eons – don’t worry, I have a point! We sat up inour mango tree, and played silly games like ‘house’ and what not, and allof a sudden these annoying teenage kids with their annoying loud noiseswalked under us and I stuck my head out and yelled BOO.

Needless to say,they weren’t pleased; I think they exposed their entire four-lettervocabulary to us. But it was fun. My point? Not to pollute other peoples’ponds with my loud voice. Pointless story of the day…). Let me get to my other point, the main point.

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Dear Mr. Markowitz
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I realize that I neveractually followed your directions, so I think I must make it up to your redpen’s ink that has been wasted, and don’t worry my mother isn’t making medo this, I’m so cool, and I’m doing it out of my own will. Yes, if you haven’t guessed by now, I’m writing a research paper! Yay! Sorry, I takeback what I said, technically, I’m not following your guidelines because Ilost the paper, instead I am using the Basic Guide to Essay Writing! Stepby step! Now don’t complain. Shut up, you’re going to read my paper, andlove it.

Step number one instructs me to choose a topic; I picked Saving theWhales. Unfortunately I cannot do any more today because my internet ispoo. And for some oddreason it doesn’t want to connect. Al Gore should have done a better jobinventing the internet (haha).


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