Decribe with examples the kinds of infulences that affect children and young people including Environmeny Essay

2.1c Describe with examples the kinds of influences that affect children and young people’s development including: environment.

The environment in which a child grows up in can have a huge impact on their development in many ways. If, a child is living in negative surroundings. Brought up around gangs, drugs and or crime. They may be drawn in by the behaviour around them, and believe “it is cool” to behave badly. It may be a normal way of life to them.

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Decribe with examples the kinds of infulences that affect children and young people including Environmeny
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This could lead them to frequently not attend school. Sometimes it could result in children even dropping out of school altogether, and miss vital parts of their education. Being surrounded by bad role models the child may pick up bad habits and not learn or care about right from wrong. They could also end being bullies themselves, as well as being bullied into doing things they know will wrong and even against the law. Which may result in criminal records and time spent in young offenders institutions.

This may cause them difficulty in applying for jobs when they are adults.

Dirty living conditions will promote germs. This could lead to frequent illnesses and the child being absence from school on a regular basis. If the child hasn’t been immunised properly this could end up with the child catching preventable illnesses. And will then be missing out on education that is important to their development and learning progress.

If a child has a lack of outdoor spaces, or doesn’t go outside to play. This could have an effect on the development of their gross motor skills and also their social skills too. Children need to play outdoors, get fresh air and not just sit in front of game consoles. In our school we have a child who is very bright but, with some conversations that the teachers have had in school, it doesn’t appear that they play outside very often or with many other children outside of school. Which has seemed to have an effect on their play in school.

The child doesn’t like to mix and play pretend games with other children at playtime or within class. And although the child is bright with numeracy and literacy. It is also very reluctant to join in and take part in P.E lessons. His co-ordination skills like catching, throwing and kicking a ball are quite poor.

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