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Defense Policy

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The United States of America is one of the most powerful countries in the world. This power is a direct result of the careful planning of policies that will govern the direction that the country goes. An effective defense policy is very important in assuring the safety of the citizens in the country and assuring a commanding position within the international community. In accordance, it is important that the United States should adopt a defense policy, so that they seek to form a coalition of strong allies in which they are the sole superpower so that in essence, they may control the whole international community.

Before being able to actively pursue this defense policy and act powerful, we must make ourselves powerful. In the process of making ourselves powerful, we must carefully examine the existing threats to the country and this power that we want to have.

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Once coming up with a defense policy, it is important that we define the existing threats in the world so that we minimize the potential chances for failure.

There are many threats in the international community that could make success of these policies very difficult. Such issues as the threat of nuclear war and the threat of shortages of natural resources could make implementation of these policies virtually impossible. Along with recognizing the threats to the Unites States from the international community, it is important that we not neglect the internal issues that could threaten the U.S. as a superpower. Recognizing this, it is important to makes sure that the United States maintains a strong economy.

Everything starts with money. It is important that the United States build a strong economy so that we my adequately fund all of the programs which could aid in the implementation of our policies. Creating a strong economy will do many things for the country. More money in the budget will mean more money to fund programs and organizations such as the military, nuclear research, and adequate intelligence agencies that will be able to identify and minimize other threats that are yet to be known. These are just a few areas that require funding so that the United States could attain and then maintain power both within the country and in the international community. Along with funding programs, it would also be good for the citizens to see that the country has a successful economy. A prosperous economy will produce positive feeling amongst the citizens and also create a better morale within the country. Along with this good morale, a strong economy will show citizens that the government is making the right decisions for the country and that will make the citizens gain more confidence in the government. Having more money will also allow the United States to gain more influence within the international community. Once they gain the ability to influence other countries, it is possible to work on minimizing the threats coming from the international community such as the threat of nuclear war.

The threat of nuclear war is a very real and dangerous prospect. According to the United States State Department in Time magazine, many countries including Britain, China, France, India, Pakistan, Russia, and Israel have nuclear capabilities. The United States should work on eliminating the threat of nuclear war. They should try to convince these countries and the rest of the countries in the world to enter an agreement to ban nuclear testing. This agreement could be very similar to the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, which President Clinton introduced into Congress in 1996. The treaty had one hundred and fifty three countries signed on and needed forty-four more countries to sign on for it to become international authority. However, fearing that there was not enough support in the international community and that the United States could lose not only its nuclear stockpile, but also the upper hand if other countries ignored it, Congress defeated the bill in 1999. I feel that a similar bill should be re-introduced. China and Russia had already agreed to sign onto the treaty if the United States did. Britain, Pakistan, France, & Israel could presumably convinced to sign the treaty if pressured by the United States, China and Russia.If the United States was a prosperous nation, they could lead a relief effort in India. The United States and India could make an agreement to get on the ban on nuclear weapons in return for the United States organizing a relief effort to feed the hungry citizens of India and help get the country out of poverty.Once these powers, lead by the United States, sign the treaty, other countries would sign on as well. Some of the benefits to having the United States initiate and sign the treaty are that by initiating the agreement, we would put ourselves in a position of power in which we have direct influence in the policies accepted in the international community. The United States will also have enough money in the budget to allocate for computerized testing of nuclear weapons.Then they will not be violating the treaty, but will sustain advantage over other countries. Also, the United States is eliminating a major threat to the success of their policies. By helping India, we gain another ally who is grateful for the help that we have given.Along the lines of gaining allies’s through relief efforts, it is important that the United States spend its money wisely. We should not waste our money on relief efforts that do not benefit ourselves as well. Our reputation is extremely important. We want to be known as the powerful nation that helps other countries, but we do not want to be known as the nice guy country. The nice guy country is that which other countries come to when they need monetary help. It is fine to help countries when it will benefit our cause as well. We want to be respected in the International community, but it is important that other countries do not use us every time they need a handout. Therefore, it is clear to see that India is a good country to give relief to, because the gains for the United States are immeasurable. In the process of addressing the threat of a shortage of Natural Resources, it becomes clear that the United States should establish a close relationship with an oil producing country in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia has many benefits from establishing a close relationship. If we are allies with Saudi Arabia, we could have a safe haven that could function as a potential home base for dealing with conflicts in the Middle East as seen in the Persian Gulf War. We could also have ports to refuel our ships in because of Saudi Arabias location. A third benefit from this partnership is perhaps the most important. Being an ally with an oil producing country that is active in OPEC will assure the availability of the oil. The United States could offer assistance to Saudi Arabia for dealing with conflicts in the Middle East in return for all of these benefits that we are getting. Another country involved with oil producing that the United States would be well served by befriending is Russia. Now that Russia is a democracy, we should establish good relations with them. We could give aid in the form of money, helping support their government, and giving food to help their citizens. In return, Russia could help to assure that we would have the oil that we need. By being allies with two major oil-producing countries, we greatly diminish the threat of having a shortage of resources such as oil.

Along with the benefits of security of natural resources, aligning ourselves with Russia promotes another important part to our defense policy. It is commonly understood that democracies do not go to war. Therefore, the United States, as part of their defense policy should try to promote the spread of democracy worldwide. The United States should take an active role in helping newly converted democracies to establish their new government. The United States should share the knowledge of how a democracy is supposed to work to help new democracies function properly. It is also understood that during the process of democratization, states in transition have a higher likelihood of conflict. The United States should make their military presence felt to deter potential conflicts from occurring. Helping out the new democracies will help the United States by replacing a potential threat with a grateful ally. It will also promote the United States as a powerful influence in the international community once again.

Conflicts occurring in other countries should be of concern to the United States because they could have the potential to grow into all out warfare. It is for this reason that the United States should exercise Extended General Deterrence to try to prevent conflicts occurring all over the world. Taking this stand will have a two-fold benefit. First, it will make the United States the foremost country in the world because they will be involved in all of the conflicts. By being involved in conflicts, we could influence resolutions between these countries so that they could benefit us in the long run. We will gain grateful allies for stopping conflict and also benefit ourselves because by deterring conflicts throughout the world, we will be minimizing the risks for potential threats against ourselves.

By minimizing the threats worldwide, not only do we make it easier for the United States to promote the policies that we want, but we also create many new allies. These new allies help to make up the coalition that was the aim of our defense policy. Also, these allies will be grateful for the help that we have given them and will recognize us as a true Superpower. The U.S. will be the superpower that has influenced the resolutions of conflicts that occurred in the world and they will also have the money to back up their actions. Therefore, the United States will be the sole superpower of a coalition of allies and they will be able to control what goes on throughout the international community. We will have reached the goal of our proposed defense policy and the country will be in a better position for doing so.


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