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Delegalization of Marijuana

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Cannabis also known as marijuana in our federal law system is classified as schedule 1 drug. Although over the years opinions and laws have changed about marijuana. I do not view marijuana as a risk if legalized, but more off benefit to our society. The first question I ask is why should marijuana be illegal? From a rational point of view, individuals deserve the right to make choices for themselves. The government should then only have the right to limit those actions if they pose a threat to others or yourself.

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Delegalization of Marijuana
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Marijuana has been found less dangerous, as well as fewer side effects Han legal drugs such as tobacco or alcohol. Marijuana use has also become exceedingly valuable in the medical field, unlike the current obtainable legal dugs. Prohibition of marijuana use might actually increase drug use in our youth. The use of marijuana is becoming more common one reason is it’s accessible and not regulated like alcohol or tobacco. Another valid point on the legalization/ decentralization of cannabis is financial components.

Our nation spends billions of dollars each year on trying to criminality marijuana users and on drug campaigns, hat don’t seem to be effective to me. In addition if marijuana were to become legalized, the government would be able to regulate and collect taxes on it. This would be beneficial in many ways such as cost for successful drug education programs, and to reduce government debts. I fully appreciate the causes of why the drug is still illegal in most states and the negative results that could come from illegal use of marijuana. But, I am more favorable to agree with legalization and recreational use In all states.

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