Demonstration Speeches

Demonstration speeches are usually more fun to put together than informative speeches - Demonstration Speeches introduction. You get to teach your audience some type of skill, at which YOU are an expert!

Sharing your interests with others is a great way to create friendships… and your presentation may even ignite a spark within someone else that will give them a life-long hobby. How great would THAT be!

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  • Check out some demonstration speech topics and some ideas to help you brainstorm what you might like to teach your audience how to do it effectively.
  • Once you’ve come up with your topic, write a demonstration speech outline of what you will be doing step by step. Doing this will help you keep the flow of your presentation smooth and on target.

Speech Topic: Want to See How It’s Done?

Then watch the following video on learning the Charleston.

This young man effectively delivers his speech, explaining the history of the dance and even bringing in an assistant. His manner is engaging and his demonstration so well put together it makes you want to have a go yourself!

Or how about showing your class how to do the moonwalk! They’ll be entertained and absolutely love your how to speech! Check out this great video on how to do the moonwalk.

Now that you’ve seen some examples of how to give great demonstration speeches it should be fairly easy for you to create one of your own based on something YOU are passionate about.

By giving a how to speech on something you truly enjoy, you will more than likely inspire at least one member of your audience to try something new!

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