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Deng Xiaopeng and times of his Leadership in China

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Deng Xiaopeng was a good leader for China though at times Deng hit some bumpy roads and was said to infringe some of the Chinese rights still Deng controlled China with order and efficiency. Deng raised China’s economy to national high all around. Deng also strengthened its political status up to that of a very powerful country. Though Deng did things bad his achievements rose above his failures.

As newfound leader of communist China after Mao’s death Deng’s first goal was to raise the technological status of China to standards that could possibly rival those of the west.

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Deng Xiaopeng and times of his Leadership in China
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He did this quickly and efficiently by allowing an “open door policy” on foreign trade affairs, which made China very appealing to foreign marketers. This “open door policy” also worked out for Deng because it opened up communication technology through out China so he could speak directly to his people in their own homes much like President Roosevelt did here in America.

Deng listed technology as on his list of expansion goals but he also listed three other important goals agriculture, economy, and military. Deng had great need to expand Agriculture because China has the highest population in the world. If Deng could not put food on the table then chances are the people are not going to really like him or trust him. So he increased farming technology and with the increase in technology the military grew stronger as well. Now Deng had the ability to protect his country from foreigners and he could also now enforce laws. With the military increasing then the economy increased significantly.

Now Deng could say that he wields the ability to feed, protect, pay, and give useful technology to his people but Deng was missing one very important thing. China’s political status with some countries was not at all desirable. This is so because of past wars and many unfair treaties during China’s time of revolution but also because China is a communist country. To most of the west communism is an evil and horrible thing. As a way to break the silence of political dealings with most countries through out the west Deng had a meeting with Margaret Thatcher of England. At the time Margaret was probably the most successful woman in the world. Deng had heated debates with her at first but he received an agreement after a many arguments that stated Hong Kong a city taken away form China long ago in the Opium wars would be returned China in 1997. With this agreement Deng restored China’s political relations with England and possibly the entire world.

In Conclusion Deng was a strong and loving leader. Deng did some things wrong but all leaders make some mistakes. He came is saw what needed to be done and he did it. China as a whole thrived under Deng’s authority and leadership. Deng followed a leader that was highly respected by a lot of Chinese and blew right past expectations achieving things seemingly impossible at the end of Mao’s reign.


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