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Art is portrayed in so many different views - Denver Art Museum introduction. When looking at each piece of art and its cultural background I was interested to see more. I enjoyed each piece of art and the inspiration behind it was even more eye opening to me. There is a historical perspective behind each piece of art and we as people have not taken the time to see how art was started. I have never looked at art in such a serious way until now, being able to see such a wide variety of art and how each piece was created was very skillful in an artistic mind.

I have been in an art class before but it was an online class which I was never to found of. Coming into this art class I did not know what to really expect and if anything would really catch my attention, but I can definitely say now that art is not just art it is much more than that and has a powerful meaning all which not only has my teacher shown me but my fellow peers as well. When first entering the art museum I can say I entered a completely different world. Art is said to be work that is made of skill and imagination and that is what I got as I explored the entire museum.

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I got the chance to explore each cultural theme from an art perspective some very similar but with different meanings. This made me eager to know who the face was behind it all, what was used to create their masterpiece, and what inspired a unique vision. As I continued to explore I was unsure of what two art pieces I really wanted to focus on because there were just so many to choose from. But I eventually came across two pieces of art that where different cultural and material wise. They were both different and there was one that I completely fell in love with.

Both had meaning and you could tell just by looking at them. During my power point I will compare and contrast the two art pieces that I have chosen during my visit to The Denver Art Museum. I will also be telling you about the artists, and the history behind each art piece. I will also go in to detail on what materials where used to create each piece of art. Mud Woman Rolls On; By Roxanne Swentzell Roxanne Swentzell is a Sculptor from Santa Clara Pueblo. She was raised in a childhood of art and inspiration because it’s something that she watched her mother do as well as her family members.

Her mother had quit an artistic background not only did she do pottery but she was a writer as well and a scholar from Santa Clara Pueblo which indeed Swentzell followed in her footsteps. Swentzell also got an inspiration from her blind uncle Michael Naranjo also a sculptor. It was hard for Swentzell to express herself verbally growing up so art became sort of an out let for her emotions. In High school Swentzell also attended the institute of American Indian arts for two years. She also went to Portland Museum Art school after graduating and as you can see she was destined to be a talented artist.

You can see how passionate she is within her art she wants to tell a story that expresses her feelings and captures that image that not only she can relate to but something others can relate to as well and actually understand. Swentzell really wanted her art work to connect with reality itself. She owns the art pieces she creates and adds her own signature with a great detail of expression from her own experiences and her observations of life. She says “I learned to listen to myself and not be so influenced by what other people wanted me to make.

I am going to present the world through eyes – and not as somebody told me I was suppose to. ” With Roxanne’s Mud Woman Rolls On art piece she wanted not only to express her story but tell you her story, and that’s what her art piece is known for it’s her storyteller piece which was something new I learned while reading about her inspiration. Her Title says it all Mud Woman Rolls On It’s clear that Swentzell used different types of mud as well as clay to create such an interesting piece of art. Her work represents a large woman figure holding a few smaller figures which I am guessing are her children.

I feel like the colors that she chose to incorporate in her work represent the generations within her art history, and she also felt a connection with the earth because everything she used was natural. Swentzell says, “I love the perspective of understanding that we all come from the Earth, generation after generation; an endless family of life passing on the seed” This amazing art piece is represented in the entrance of the Native American Exhibit of the Denver Art Museum. Her dream was to be a talented artist and she definitely accomplished her goal!

The Radcliffe Family Thomas Hudson is a British man and was born in Devon in 1701. Hudson is an English painter and is well known for his famous portraits. He specialized in the upper class portraits and had one of the most successful studios in London where he moved to study under a London painter named Jonathan Richardson which made Hudson appreciate his own work every sense. Hudson has painted at least 400 portraits and about 80 of those portraits were engraved. Not only was Hudson a successful painter but a teacher as well.

He taught a generation of artists from Joseph Wright of Derby the first painter to express not only the work but the spirit of the Industrial Revolution, Joshua Reynolds who promoted the “grand style” and also one of the first founders and president of the Royal Academy. As a mentor to these two men he made them successful just as he was in painting self-portraits incorporating their own style and techniques. The style Hudson used in his art was a style called Rococo a French term meaning “rock and shell garden ornamentation”. Rococo began in France and was a part of the 18th century movement.

This movement caused a controversy were people were more interested in more of the color than the actual drawing itself. Rococo was known for its bright colors, detail, and ornamentation. What caught the eye of the people of France and most importantly the wealthy were the characteristics being used together. Hudson was always invited to the rich British balls and parties where he was exposed. He got the chance to really show off his work he was well known for his style and his touch of elegance he added to all of his pieces. The Radcliffe Family portrait was created around 1742.

This painting is of the family of Walter Radcliffe celebrating their new home. This was one of Hudson’s largest pieces made up of sixteen canvases which were not done all at one time. Hudson did not use Rococo in this piece like he is use to instead he used oil paint on a canvas and he also had a helper named Joseph Van Aken. Hudson’s main focus was the faces while Aken focused on the drapery and clothing. Even with a helper by Hudson’s side Hudson was the only one who received recognition. What makes the works and artists similar or different?

Both are very talented artist’s that come from different backgrounds. Swentzell is from Santa Clara Pueblo and Hudson is from Devon. These two artists both have a different way of creating art. Hudson is known for famous paintings of portraits and Swentzell is known for her sculpting abilities. We can also see a difference in technique and skills that each artist brings to the table. Thomas Hudson An artist from the 1700’s and Roxanne Swentzell An artist of the newer generation, Hudson has passed away, but back in his days his art was high demand.

He believed that his work was top of the line that he wanted his art everywhere. As a teacher to others he taught his skill and created successful painters like himself to make a name for himself which he kept up with quite well just like his art work. Today we see his art and even inspirations of his art through other artist which has brought great technique to the art world. Swentzell on the other hand is still a present artist that has gained her inspiration though out the world and most importantly her family. Swentzell’s work today is also high demand that people line up at her booth.

As you can see both artists made their way to the top from something so little, they also stayed true to not only their art but their character as well. Both are very talented and have given themselves a chance to live off of what they love to do most….. ART!!!! I love how art has come such a long way it has been taken to the extremes that people could probably never imagine. I experienced different art pieces though out this class I have seen portraits, great detail in sculpting, but I never really took the time to learn about the faces behind the art.

Swentzell’s art looks more abstract to me while Hudson’s portraits are more of a human experience. Both artists use detail and became artists that everyone enjoyed which is a part of their success. Sculpting to me seems like it can be a bit tricky compared to doing a self-portrait both contain a great deal of materials but you have to be gifted with the ability to use both material so that they are used in the right way. Both art pieces where similar in size Hudson used sixteen canvas for his creation of The Radcliffe Family.

While Swentzell on the other hand put together one big art piece connected to smaller but quite large figures as well. Both pieces took a great deal of time to create and finish with the help of an assistant. Hudson’s piece was more contemporary while Swentzell’s was more current. Hudson’s piece was done in a later time but what stood out the most to me was the colors and excellent detail. Swentzell’s piece was the piece I fell in love with not only did I love how big it was and simple but it just looked like an overall fun piece to create.

At first looks I was having a little trouble with the actual meaning I looked at the title Mud Woman Rolls On took another look at the piece and it was a mother followed by her three children at first looks it looked Asian to me and not Native American. As I continued to walk around and get a feel of the Native American exhibit and its cultural theme, I definitely got a feel of Swentzell’s history and inspiration. Swentzell was a brilliant artists and her choice of material where all from the natural world.

Throughout time art has changed little by little but there is still that one connection that ties everything together. Overall I can say I really enjoyed the two pieces that I have chosen, I can also say that both Swentzell and Hudson share a few qualities but at the same time are two completely different artists with different outlooks. Swentzell has a more natural presents that a lot of people can relate to, and her creations are all based off of her inspirations around her and through her journey of life. She followers her heart and doesn’t let anyone stop her from doing what she loves or even telling her how to do it.

Hudson on the other hand enjoyed a sense of direction not only from the people he looked up to but from his clients telling him “this is what I want” with that direction he was still able to create a work of art that was his own but met the likings of others. To me it seemed that Hudson had a much harder life than Swentzell but they both managed to hold their own and become two very well-known artists with amazing talents both also inspired by someone they looked up too for Swentzell it was her family and for Hudson it was his mentor in London.

I can say that I relate most with Swentzell her Mud Woman Rolls On art piece made me think of my own mother. Her piece was something I could definitely relate to it was like I was looking at my mother, myself, my twin sister and my little brother which made me look further for her meaning behind her own story which is something she probably wanted others to feel. This entire experience was amazing not only did I enjoy the class but I enjoyed my teacher, peers, and the activities as well.

Overall I have learned that art is not just art there is a story and a powerful meaning behind the history in art from modern to present day. Art is very close to some people and not only can it show a person’s character but feelings and emotions that they are not able to express bluntly. Works Cited “Roxanne Swentzell Biography. ” Tower Gallery -. Lionsky Media, 2011. Web. 05 Apr. 2013.

. “The Berger Collection. ” Berger Collection (BCET). Berger Collection Educational Trust, 2013. Web. 05 Apr. 2013. . “Thomas Hudson (English Painter). ” Thomas Hudson (2013): n. pag. Encyclopedia Britannica Online. Encyclopedia Britannica, 2013. Web. 05 Apr. 2013. . “What Does Mud Have to Do With It? ” Creativity Resource for Teachers » Blog Archive ». Native Arts Acquisition Fund, 2011. Web. 05 Apr. 2013. .

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